Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord



Mr McQuillen Strong

Child Protection Officer

Deputy Heateacher 

Mrs Rees Child Protection Officer, SENCo, Lower School Leader, Student Mentor.

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Biedka


Mrs Duffy Classteacher

Mrs Gibbons Teaching Assistant

Miss Jones Teaching Assistant


Miss Walsh Classteacher,

Mrs Burrow Teaching Assistant

Miss Marshall Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Miss James Classteacher

Mrs Higgins Teaching Assistant

Miss Okrutna Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Miss Fletcher Classteacher 

Mrs Murphy Teaching Assistant

Mrs Archdale HLTA, Intervention Teacher 

Year 3

Mrs Coleman Classteacher

Mrs McHale Teaching Assistant

Mrs Merdani HLTA, MFL

Year 4

Miss Nicholson Classteacher

Mrs Woolley Teaching Assistant,

Mrs Angstmann Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Mrs Flanagan Classteacher,

Year 6

Miss Wharton Classteacher,

Mr Biedka Classteacher

Miss Clayton Teaching Assistant, Extra Curricular PE support.



Maternity Leave

Mrs Walsh

Mrs Williams

Miss Vickers


Other Staff members

Mrs Crosthwaite Learning Mentor/Family Support Worker, Child Protection Lead Officer

Mrs Merdani HLTA, PPA Classteacher In Y3

Mrs Kennedy Office Manager

Miss Senior Administrator 


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Burrow Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Marshall Deputy Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Collinson Lunchtime Assistant

Miss Dixon Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Duffy Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Taylor Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Qamar Lunchtime Assistant


Mr McGann Superintendent

Miss Firth Cleaner

Mrs Taylor Cleaner in Charge