Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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P.E. Council/Sports Leaders

The staff at Holy Family feel that the best way for us to improve P.E. & Sport in our school is to listen to the children whom it affects.

This Year we have made our Sports Leaders take on the role of P.E Council. Our Sports Leaders will help the P.E. coordinators, Miss Clayton and Miss Fletchers, provide a range of fun and inclusive clubs for the children as well as promote a varied and interesting curriculum. P.E. Council members are voted in each year.


Sports Leaders/ P.E Council 2018-2019:

Lilly D, Evan, Dannan, Layton, Kacper, Mary Kate, Fynlay, Casper R, Elyse, Bailey, Josh C, Josh L, Harry R, Chris, Cadie Jade, Natalia, Macey.



P.E. Council members in 2016 - 2017

We are excited to have our new PE council members on our team. They have given their opinions of RealPE and what could be improved in PE lessons as well as which Sports clubs they'd like to see at Holy Family in the coming year. Well done so far, PE Council!

 P.E. Council members for 2015 - 2016

Thank you to our PE council members for all your help in suggesting new clubs such as Cheerleading and Street dance. You have also made super suggestions about what PE equipment we need, for lessons but also for lunch times and you have given your opinions about our new RealPE scheme of work - thumbs up for a good year of guiding our school PE and Sport!

 P.E. Council members for 2014 - 2015

Thank you for all your hard work. Because of you, we have a club on every lunch time, there are spare PE kits for anyone who has forgotten theirs and we have a breakfast club on for KS1!