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Elite Athlete

Here at Holy Family, we have some exceptionally talented children. Most notably, Kacey Coates (now in Year 6) has developed into a fantastic cross country runner.

Since Year 3, when Kacey began cross country training with Mrs Williams, she has improved at each race. In March 2015, Kacey went on to represent Leeds at the West Yorkshire School Games and came a fantastic 1st place!

Because of Kacey's passion and want to improve, we have helped fund her journey. She is now a member of the local running club - 'SkyRac' and is kitted out in a running kit that suits her style and personality. 

When Kacey was in Year 4, the then PE Council interviewed her. Read her story to see how she prepares for a race.

P.E. council interview

West Yorkshire School Games Champion March 2015

Elite Athlete - Kacey Coates (Yr4)

Lillie – How long was the race?

Kacey – 900m, it was really long!

Finlay – How many other girls were in the race?

Kacey – nearly 140.

Ellie – Do you like running?

Kacey – Yes I love it!

Bala & Layla – why do you like running?

Kacey – because I like my legs to run as quickly as they can!

Ellie-Mae – why do you like running?

Kacey – because it keeps me healthy and when I go to races I get to meet new people.

Cady – Jade – How did you feel when you won?

Kacey – I felt overwhelmed and really excited. Really happy!

Lorna – what’s like to be the fastest girl in West Yorkshire?

Kacey – it’s really good but a bit weird too!

Lucas - How many races have you won?

Kacey – I think maybe three. But I always do really well in the league races on a Saturday morning.

Noah – when you started the race at the WY School Games, did anyone trip you up or get in your way?

Kacey – I was near the front so didn’t notice that happening.

Tyler & Harry – How do you get ready for a race?

Kacey – I like to stretch and think about how I will run in the race. I always put one foot in front of the other so I am ready to start the race as quickly as possible.

Thank you, Kacey, for your time and for your wonderful answers!

Congratulations again on your amazing win!

You have inspired a whole new group of children to run in cross country races! 


What could be next for Kacey?

We think Sports Personality of the Year 2027?