Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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Sport's Leaders


Here at Holy Family, we have an incredible amount of children willing to volunteer their time to be part of the P.E. and Sportleadership at our school.

In particular we have 10 children from Years 5 & 6 who are training as Sport's Leaders for our school.

A Sport’s Leader is a child who we feel has the ability to promote sport within our school both in a competitive manner and non-competitive. Sport’s Leaders will be a part of the P.E. Council who meet each half term to discuss the P.E. Curriculum and lessons, as well as the sporting opportunities for all children at our school.

We feel that these children have shown a willingness and an eye for those who need a confidence boost in their physical education. So for example, Sport’s Leaders would assist our current coaches and staff in after school clubs helping to sort equipment, run drills, take registers and choose teams.

This role would be held for a year and children would gain a ‘Children’s University’ stamp for each after school club and sporting event they attend as a Sport’s Leader. Each Sport’s Leader will receive a special hoody to wear at events and clubs.

Each Sport’s Leader has been chosen for their different ability and nature to complement each other so as a whole team, they are able to provide everything we need to promote our school P.E. vision – ‘everyone to participate, perform and enjoy P.E. and Sport at our school’.