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                         Welcome to Year Two!

Miss Fletcher

Supporting staff

Mrs McHale


Year 2 are learning lots of exciting new things!

Take a look at some of the things we have learnt:


Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Computing and Science lessons are linked to different topics each term.

Autumn One

Muck Mess and Mixtures - Art focus

Year 2 have loved the Muck Mess and Mixtures topic. This topic taught Year 2 how to use art skills to create a range of artwork. Year 2 also learnt about different artists from around the world. In Science we have looked at properties of different materials and carried different tests out. We visited Eureka to support us in our Science learning.  In English we looked at key features of stories and how to write a story. Following on from our story writing we looked at writing instructions. We followed different instructions and wrote recipes. In Maths we focused on place value and how to add and subtract using the column method.  

RE - Chosen People

In RE we have looked at and compared the story of Abraham and Moses. We learnt about the jobs God asked Moses, and Abraham to do and why God trusted them with these jobs.



Autumn Two  - History focus

The Great Fire of London

Last term our topic was The Great Fire of London. We learnt about how the fire started, why it started and what happened after the fire.In Science we continued to look at properties of different materials. In English we looked at key features of diary and letter writing.  We learnt the skills needed to write a diary and a letter. In Maths we looked at measurement. We looked at estimating, measuring, comparing and ordering different measurements. We also began to look at division and multiplication.

RE - Mysteries  

In this topic we had the opportunity to look at and reflect on mysteries. We shared our thoughts about heaven, what The Trinity represents, learnt about the story of the Annunciation and learn about the birth of Jesus.

We also performed our Nativity called Born in a Barn.

Spring 1- History and Geography Focus

Castles and Turrets

This term our new topic is Castles and Turrets.  We have recapped story writing and looked at the skills needed to write a traditional tale. We used a castle for our settings to our stories. To help us describe our setting  we visited Pontefract Castle - https://www.pontefractcastle.co.uk/school-visits.aspx.  Our trip also helped us understand how castles were built and how they've developed overtime. During this visit the children also acted out a story through drama. The children used these stories to help plan and write their own traditional tales. In Maths we looked at the value of money and how to pay and give change. 


We use our small world area to help us build vocabulary for our topic. The words we learn through our small word are used in our stories and topic book.


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RE - The Good New

In RE we have learnt about how Jesus can turn sadness to joy in stories like, The Ten Lepers and The Feeding of the 5000. We  use art and drama to help us retell these stories.

See some of the artwork we have done to retell the stories:


Spring 2- History and Geography Focus


RE -