Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to Year Four!


Welcome to Year 4!


We are extremely happy to be in Year 4... look at our smiling faces!

In our class there is Miss Nicholson, Mrs Woolley and Mrs Higgins.

May 2018

 We had SO much fun at our skipping competition. We have been working really hard to prepare for this competition so we were so PROUD when we came first in the dance catergory. 

4th May 2018

  This afternoon, we enjoyed the sunshine by going on a LEAF HUNT!

We observed the leaves that we found and recorded information about them. 

Thursday 29th March & Monday 9th April

Year 3 & Year 4 joined forces to perform their version of the Easter Liturgy. It was fantastic and really got us ready for the Easter holidays. It was also a super way to start a new term and settle us into our school routine after a lovely week off.

February 2018

Wow! What a fantastic day at Temple Newsam learning all about the Tudors!

My favourite part of Temple Newsam was when we got to dress up as Tudors- Maisie D

I enjoyed when we had to be detectives and look at different Tudor objects- Natalia

I loved that we could see very old artefacts and ancient paintings- Kian

I learned that the Tudors sometimes had their carpets on the wall!- Tia

My best part was when we did the timeline because I got to dress up as James I - Chris

February 2018

In science we are learning about electricity. On Friday, we went into the hall and made a human model of the flow of electricity to help us to understand  what is happening in the circuit.

January 2018

 Year 4 visited Drax Power Station and learned all about how they make electricity to power our homes.

'At Drax Power Station, Becky, Natalie and Jane told us we had to wear a helmet, glasses and a green shirt.' (Harry B)

'First, they get wood from America to make biomass. Biomass is one of their fuels.' (Bailey)

'When it gets to the U.K, it is sent by train to Drax. When it gets to Drax the train slows down so they can get the Biomass off.' (Cady-Jade).

Next, the workers put the Biomass on a conveyor belt so that it will go into a giant semi-circle called a dome.' (Ava)

'Then it gets taken to the pulveriser to get crushed by 60 one tonne balls to make fine dust.' (Kian)

'The fine dust goes to the boiler by a fan to make super heated steam.' (Emilia)

'That steam powers up the turbine that spins 50 times a second.' (Joshua L)

'The electricity gets sent to the National Grid.' (Maisie) 

'The National Grid then powers cites all over the country.' (Harry R)

January 2018

We are so lucky in Year 4 because every Friday we have a ukulele lesson with Mr Mercer. Mr Mercer is very impressed with how are skills have developed from September, have a look at this video and see for yourselves!

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

November 2017

 This half-term, our R.E topic is TRUST IN GOD.

We will be learning all about the importance of trusting God and becoming aware that it is not always easy for us to trust so sometimes we need help from the Bible. In P.E, we were exploring how to build trust between each other.


12th October 2017

 Today, Year 4 visited Jorvik in York to learn more about how the Vikings lived. We really enjoyed being archaeologists and digging for artefacts. We also went on a fun ride that took us through a Viking village. What a fantastic day!  

October 2017

 This week has been PSHE week so some of our lessons have been a little bit different. In Year 4, we have been learning all about how to be safe when we are playing. We have discussed how to protect ourselves when gaming, how to be safe when we're playing out and also what to do in emergency situations.