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Welcome to Year Five!

A huge hello and welcome to Year 5’s page!

Teacher: Mrs Flanagan

Support Staff:

Mrs Archdale                  Miss Conroy

Here we will share pictures and information about some of the interesting things we have been doing in class.

We hope you enjoy it! 


Friday 30th November

This afternoon to complete our R.E through Art week, we sculpted these Buddha statues using clay. We then painted them white. Check out these amazing Buddhas and Budda sketches on our display outside class.


Tuesday 27th November

This morning, we visited the Jamrang Buddhist Centre in Leeds as part of R.E and Art week.  We saw lots of very special artefacts and took part in a short meditation session too. Here are some photographs of our visit: 


Thursday 22nd November

This afternoon we took part in our second ballet workshop. Keisha was a dancer from Northern Ballet who taught us and talked us through The Nutcracker ballet that we are going to see on 6th December. We also had Mark who played the piano for us so we even had live music from The Nutcracker show. What a fantastic afternoon! Here are some photos:


Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th  October

What a busy week we had with lots of trips going on as part of Forestry Week.

On Wednesday, we went to This Green Moon where we took part in lots of brilliant bushcraft activities including wood whittling to make wooden tools.

On Thursday afternoon, we took a road trip to Sheffield Lyceum Theatre to see The Thee Musketeers ballet. We had a fantastic view (being on the front rows of the balcony) and we absolutely loved the show. We even received an email from one of the organisers to say how well behaved we were!

On Friday, we went to Fanwood Scout camp with Year 6. We were there for the whole day which was amazing! We did den building, a picture trail and other challenges. Here are some photographs of us having lots of fun with our friends:



Thursday 11th October

This morning, we were treated to a very special professional performance of A Little Princess. It told the story of a little girl who had to live at Miss Minchin's School For Girls where she came up against a bully. The ending was a happy one where she had made a new friend and her father had come back from fighting in the war. We had lots of fun, booed and cheered and sang along too. Here are a few of pictures from the show:


Wednesday 10th October

 We went to Lotherton Hall for a World War 1 themed day. The stately home was used as a hospital in the war and held over 650 soldiers during the four years. We planned where the beds would have been in the wards, played in role as doctors and nurses and sent messages in Morse code. We also had a look at lots of fascinating artefacts that would have been used in a hospital during the war. In the afternoon, we looked around the bird garden and had a quick play in the adventure playground. We had so much fun!! Here are lots of photos of us:


Wednesday 3rd October

 This afternoon, we had our first visit from the Northern Ballet team. Keisha, who is a dancer, taught us lots of moves from the Three Musketeers performance while Mark played the piano for us. We had lots of fun and created our own dance sequence. Here are some pictures of us:


Monday 1st October

 This afternoon, we had a visit from D-Side Dave. He came into our class to speak to us all about the Internet and how we can ensure that we are all safe whilst we are online.


Thursday 8th September

 Today, we had our first Music session of the year with Miss Lee. We had lots of fun as you can see by our faces in these photographs:

Check back in September to see what our new Year Five have been up to!