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Year Five


A huge hello and welcome to Year 5’s page!

Teacher: Mrs Flanagan

Support Staff:             Mrs Merdani           Miss Clayton                Mrs Higgins

Here we will share pictures and information about some of the interesting things we have been doing in class.

We hope you enjoy it! 


Thursday 28th September

We took part in a Tae Kwando session this morning with the instructors from Premier Martial Arts. We had lots of fun learning some martial arts moves and how important discipline and respect are too. Layton, Daisy and Dylan attend the classes and also passed their grading for their new belts this week!! Here are some pictures from our session:

Wednesday 11th October

We visited Lotherton Hall today which was used as a military hospital in World War 1. When we got there, we met Emily who ran the workshops. We learnt that there were 50,000 injured and wounded soldiers on the first day of the war but only 2000 hospital beds which was why the Gascoigne family turned their house into a hospital. First, we looked at some artefacts that were used in the hospital such as a bandage roller, an inhaler and a pill maker. We also saw images of the injured soldiers being looked after by the nurses. We then took part in training as a VAD (Volunteer Aid Detachment) nurse. We learnt that there were lots of rules that the nurses had to follow. We planned the house as a hospital and then we were in role as nurses and treated injured soldiers. We visited the chapel and sang songs from the war. We had lots of fun this morning! After lunch, we completed the house trail and then walked around the bird garden and played in the adventure playground. What a super trip!! Here are some pictures: