Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to Year 6

Miss Wharton, Mr Biedka, Mrs Archdale and Miss Clayton welcome you to Year 6.

We will be working extremely hard this year but we will most definitely be having lots of fun.

Spring Term 

Thursday 26th April 

SATs meeting for parents 

For any parents who were unable to make the Year 6 SATs meeting, please find attached the slides which were discussed.

Monday 26th March 

Science Circuits 

In Science with Mrs Archdale, we have been learning all about electricity. We have been learning about the appearance and function of different electrical components, including switches, bulbs, buzzers, motors, cells and wires. In pairs we created our own circuits and discussed what we could do, in order to make our bulbs brighter!

Tuesday 6th March

World Book Day 

Today was World Book Day at Holy Family! We all looked fantastic in our fairy tale costumes. We would like to say a massive thank you to our wonderful parents and friends who helped us to look so amazing today. We even got to spend some time with our buddies and enjoy reading their favourite books. 

Wednesday 28th February

Snow Day

We had lots of fun in the snow today. We even had a snowball fight with the teachers!


Friday 26th January 

Artefact Discovery 

In Year 6, we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt and today we became archaeologists for the afternoon. We discovered lots of different artefacts and began to question, what they were and how they were used. We then discussed in our groups who they may have belonged to and how we could gather more information about them. We even managed to keep the sand in the trays!

Autumn Term 

Monday 18th September

World War 2 trip to Lotherton Hall

On Monday 18th September Year 6 visited Lotherton Hall. They began the day as WW2 evacuee children, gaining an insight in to what life was like during the 1940s. Throughout the day they took part in various activities which included: using Morse Code to send secret messages; assisting medical staff with wounded soldiers and learning about various World War Two artefacts. They even had time for a good old sing-song!

Monday 2nd October

PSHE Week 

This week has been PSHE week, so some of our lessons have been a little bit different. In Year 6, we have been learning all about anti-social behaviour and peer pressure. We were very lucky, as we had two local Police Officers visit our class to discuss: the effects of anti-social behaviour out in the community; how to deal with peer pressure and how to stay safe in our local area. 

Friday 6th October 

Walking with our buddies to church 

We had a great time walking to church with our buddies. We asked them lots of questions and found out what they liked to do in school and at home. 

Tuesday 17th October 

Shining our Light brightly 

Today, we learnt how we can shine our light brightly to help those around us. We are like a bright candle when we are not afraid to let our good deeds shine out so that all can see we know Jesus. 

"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."
(Matt 5:14-16)

Thursday 30th November 

Visit from Nurse Briony 

This week has been PSHE week across school and Year 6 have been discussing what they would like to be when the grow up. We were very lucky as we had a visit from Briony who came to talk to us about being a nurse in a GP's Surgery. She began by telling us the journey she went on to become a nurse and what first inspired her to go into the profession. We were then able to ask her lots of interesting questions about the different jobs she has to do as nurse and some of the challenges she has faced - some of our questions were very tricky! We finished the talk by having a look at the different bandages she may use, we practised taking blood pressure and we talked about the different places we could find our pulse.  

Thursday 30th November 

A Christmas Carol Sleepover

Last week, Year Six enjoyed their very own 'A Christmas Carol' sleepover in school. They began their evening by creating a number of Christmas decorations (by candle light) which included: Christmas cone people, lanterns and the world's longest paper chain. Once the creative side was complete, we all sat together to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by Mr B. We enjoyed spending our evening together, telling jokes and having lots of fun! We even had a nice surprise as Santa had left us some lovely presents to open the next morning.