Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Miss Wharton, Mr Biedka and Miss Clayton welcome you to Year 6.

We will be working extremely hard this year but we will 

most definitely be having lots of fun.

Robinwood 2017 

Last week, year 6 children went on residential for a week, to Robinwood. On arrival, they were given their bedding and told to make their beds - this was a first for most of the children!

Each child was put into a three different groups - Lake, River or Rapids -  then completed various activities over the three days. These included: Zip wire, Archery, Crate Challenge, Canoeing, Caving and many more!

The children (and staff) had an amazing week and learned lots of new skills. Well done Year 6 for your excellent teamwork and behaviour throughout the residential.   

Easter Egg Hunt 

Year 6 have been helping the Easter Bunny. Obviously he is very busy this time of year and he just didn't have time to finish his homework. Around school there were 20 eggs, each containing one of the Easter Bunny's homework questions. If they followed the clues and solved each of the problems, the Easter Bunny would have a chocolate treat to reward them. 

World Book Day 

Today it was World Book Day and we dressed up as our favourite characters. We also  loved having some buddy time today. It was exciting to share stories with each other.

Other Faiths Week

This week Year 6 have been learning about Sikhism. Firstly, they learned about the Sikh place of worship - the Gurdwara. They learned about the rules before entering, which include taking your shoes off and covering your hair as a sign of respect. They acted out what you must do when you enter the Gurdwara. They also learned about the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Holy Book); creating their own with poems about Guru Nanak. 

Climbing Experience 

Some lucky members of Year 6 got to try out climbing at Swallow Hill on Thursday 19th January. The climbers needed nerves of steel, determination and strength; all were on show in abundance. Excellent teamwork was also required, with the climbers relying on each other to help ensure they stayed safe. Spiderman has some competition!  

A Dead Pharoah is mummified in YEAR 6.

We have been learning about mummification and were lucky enough to find a dead Pharaoh in one of our Year 6 classrooms. Eerie music greeted us as we stepped into the mummification chamber. Our tools and equipment was ready, all we had to do was remember the order in which this sacred ritual needed to be completed. Draining the brain through his nose and removing the internal organs was very tricky. We just prayed that he wouldn't come back to life!

WW2 Entertainment

We have been learning about how entertainment played an important part during the war, to boost morale when times were hard. One of the most popular hobbies during the war was dancing. Ballrooms and church halls were always packed with people dancing. We thought we would test our dancing skills. See what you think. 

Thwaite Mills

Year 6 visited Thwaite Mills Watermill on Thursday 10th November. The Children enjoyed finding out about what life was like during the Second World War. During the trip, the children gained an understanding of the fear surrounding the bombing raids and the precautions taken during a raid. They even tested their numeracy skills by weighing out real food rations in the kitchen. 

Mrs Bradley's Visit

Children in Year 6 were treated to a visit from Mrs Bradley, who answered their questions about World War 2. Mrs Bradley lived through World War 2 (she was five when war was declared). The children loved listening to Mrs Bradley talk about rationing, the blitz, Winston Churchill, propaganda and VE Day!


Meet our Buddies

In Year 6 we have been enjoying getting to know our Reception buddies!