Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to Year Six!

Welcome to Year 6 2018-2019

In Year 6 we have, Miss Wharton, Mr Biedka, Miss Senior and Miss Clayton. 

We will be working incredibly hard this year but we'll still have lots of fun! 


6th December - Religious Education 

Today we started our new RE topic of Justice. In groups, we discussed our ideas of justice and injustice whilst using stories we have heard in the media to support our opinions. We then created acrostic poems to explain the meaning of justice. 

28th November - PE with Gavin 

We were very lucky today as we had our PE lesson with Gavin from the Leeds Rhinos Foundation. We were playing games to develop our team work and communication skills. We  had lots of fun!

26th November - Faith through Art Week (Visit to the Gurdwara)

During Faith through Art Week, Year 6 are going to be learning all about Sikhism and today we were lucky enough to visit the Sikh Gurdwara in Beeston. When we arrived, we were met by Mr Singh, who taught us all about Guru Nanak and the Sikh faith. During the visit we were able to go into the prayer hall, where everyone was asked to remove their shoes and cover their heads. Mr Singh told us about the Sikh scripture, which is called the ' Guru Granth Sahib'. The traditional Sikh belief is that the scriptures contain the actual words and verses spoken by their Gurus. At the end of our visit we were able to try some delicious Sikh food. We had a fantastic morning learning about the Sikh faith!

26th October - Forest School Week 

This week has been forest week in school.Year 6 have been extremely lucky to have visited both Swillington Organic Farm and Fanwood Scout Camp. During our visits we have developed: our ability of working as a team, our confidence and our self-esteem. We have had an amazing, week filled with lots of fun! Thank you Mrs Duffy for organising our fantastic week. 

10th October - Music with Miss Lee

4th October - Thwaite Mills WW2 trip

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic school trip to learn more about World War Two! They began the day by learning about: food and materials shortages during the Second World War, and the emotions connected to these shortages; bombing raids, and the precautions taken during a raid and how putty was used during World War Two to repair 'bomb' damaged houses. In the afternoon they then made their very own gas masks. 

24th September - Nell Bank Team Day

The whole school enjoyed a fabulous day out at Nell Bank. We worked on our communication skills and learnt how to work well together as a team!