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COVID-19 / Coronavirus

 V3.1 - Covid 19 RA for Sept 2020 ST P and HF 3.xlsxDownload
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There are scam emails being sent that ask for your bank details if your child receives free school meals . Please be aware of fraudulent emails and keep your personal data safe.

If you feel vulnerable at home and need support from the domestic violence team click the link below to see how they can support. Help is never far away. 


Leeds is also offering support with any other issues concerning your child's safety at home and online. Click the link below to see how.


Open this to see all the letters related to the Coronavirus Pandemic

 COVID-19 Letters
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Please complete the Key Worker form (in the COVID letters folder)if you feel you are eligible. Return your form as soon as possible to: office@holyfamilyleeds.co.uk

Thank you