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To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to your new ‘Prayer at Home’ resource!


In these unprecedented times, we would still like to give our families the opportunity to pray together and share Sunday's Gospel. We hope that you enjoy sharing these resources together.

Week commencing: 25th May

In the Gospel this week, Jesus is praying to God with the disciples nearby. He says to God, “all I have is yours and all you have is mine, and in them I am glorified.”

Just like the disciples glorified God, so we can too! Through simple ways of understanding this huge concept, our prayers for half term ask children to consider the same question each day: ‘how can I glorify God today?’







Week commencing: 18th May 


In this week’s Gospel we hear about Jesus’ preparation to return to heaven. Even as He tells the disciples that He is about to leave them, He reassures them that He is not leaving them alone. This reassurance and His resurrection are the reasons we can be hopeful.

Hope is the theme of our prayers this week and we take encouragement through the words of Pope Francis.






Week commencing: 4th May

This week's prayers help children to reflect on how shepherds help the sheep in their care. By exploring this, and by recognising that Jesus is our ‘Good Shepherd’, children are encouraged to think about how following Him helps us live our life to the full.

Each day, children are given the opportunity to reflect on how Jesus, our Good Shepherd, provides us with:

Monday – Food
Tuesday – Guidance
Wednesday – Help
Thursday – Shelter
Friday – Community
Saturday – All of these things



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