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To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to your new ‘Prayer at Home’ resource!


In these unprecedented times, we would still like to give our families the opportunity to pray together and share Sunday's Gospel. We hope that you enjoy sharing these resources together.

Week Commencing: 15th June

In the Gospel this week, we hear Jesus declare, 

“I am the living bread… Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever.” 


When we celebrate the Mass we too can share in this living bread, so our focus this week is on preparing our hearts to meet Jesus in the Mass. Each day suggests something we can do to get ready to receive Jesus.

Even though we can’t go to Mass in church at the moment, we can still use all the points to welcome Jesus into our hearts at home and as preparation for when we can return to celebrate Mass together.

Week Commencing: 8th June

This week we’re spending some time prayerfully reflecting on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Children are invited to bring all that is in their hearts and minds to God. With two days devoted to praying to each member of the Trinity, children will understand that:


- God the Father loves us as a perfect parent, whom we can turn to no matter how we are feeling;
- God the Son supports and cares for us as a constant friend who teaches and guides us through the person and example of Jesus;
- God the Holy Spirit guides us as a wise teacher, who lives in us as our closest friend and advocate, bringing hope, peace and love to our hearts. 


Week Commencing: 1st June

Sunday 31st May was Pentecost Sunday; the time when we remember Jesus sending the disciples His Holy Spirit. In receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples were inspired with joy to go out into the world and make Jesus known. The Holy Spirit is what encourages and inspires us to do good.


The theme of this week’s daily prayers is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Taking a little of the traditional prayer ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ each day, children will come to understand what the prayer means.




Week commencing: 25th May

In the Gospel this week, Jesus is praying to God with the disciples nearby. He says to God, “all I have is yours and all you have is mine, and in them I am glorified.”

Just like the disciples glorified God, so we can too! Through simple ways of understanding this huge concept, our prayers for half term ask children to consider the same question each day: ‘how can I glorify God today?’







Week commencing: 18th May 


In this week’s Gospel we hear about Jesus’ preparation to return to heaven. Even as He tells the disciples that He is about to leave them, He reassures them that He is not leaving them alone. This reassurance and His resurrection are the reasons we can be hopeful.

Hope is the theme of our prayers this week and we take encouragement through the words of Pope Francis.






Week commencing: 4th May

This week's prayers help children to reflect on how shepherds help the sheep in their care. By exploring this, and by recognising that Jesus is our ‘Good Shepherd’, children are encouraged to think about how following Him helps us live our life to the full.

Each day, children are given the opportunity to reflect on how Jesus, our Good Shepherd, provides us with:

Monday – Food
Tuesday – Guidance
Wednesday – Help
Thursday – Shelter
Friday – Community
Saturday – All of these things



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