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Welcome to Year 2 Home Learning

If you find yourself needing to self isolate at home please contact school for work to be sent home. Work will also be added to this page for you to complete during isolation or if you fancy doing extra work with your child. 

Autumn 1 - Home learning

We started last term with Muck Mess & Mixtures which focusses lots on art. In English the children used Mr Messy's story to help them understand the basic structure of a story. In Maths we focussed on place value. The children have looked at identifying and making two digit numbers using base 10. In Science we focussed on properties of Materials. The children identified, labelled and sorted different materials into groups. For Art we experimented with different painting skills. The children created pictures by mixing paints together and using a paint brush to create patterns. They have also created pictures using bubble paint! We also learnt about the artists Carl Warner and Vincent Van Gogh.

English -

We have shared different stories and identified key features of stories. We looked at planning our own story (opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending) and following our plans to write a story. If you want to try at home here is some of the work you could use to help you.


We have also started looking at different types of instructions. This week (5.10.2020) we will look at writing a recipe for rice kipsies!


Maths - 

We looked at using the symbols Great than, Less than and Equals.

Autumn 2 Home Learning -

 The Great Fire of London (History and Geography linked)
In this this topic we will learn about The Great Fire of London. In Geography we will identify the four countries and cities of the UK. We will compare were London is to Leeds and look at different modes of transport we could take to go to London. In History we will compare how buildings were built across the UK before The Great Fire of London and how they have changed overtime. In English we will look at diary writing and identify key skills of diary writing. We will also look at key skills in letter writing. We will write diary entries and letters about The Great Fire of London. In Maths we will continue to look at adding and subtracting using the column method. We will also look at measuring using standard units (cm/kg/m). In Science we will continue identifying different materials and their properties. 




We have started looking at diary writing. Week 2.11.2020 we identified key features of a diary. 


Week 3.11.2020 

 We recapped solving addition and subtraction number sentences using the column method. We then looked at mixed addition and subtraction word problems. Take a look at some of the activities you can do on word problems: