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Welcome to Year 6's class page :-)

Home Learning

I hope you are all okay- in thinking of you all during these times of uncertainty. Below are details of how online learning is going to work in Year 6 from Thursday 07/01/21. Please note that this work in progress, hopefully it will work fantastically but we may have to make some amendments. 
I would like the children to use the time in between 9.00-9.30 as independent reading time or read to an adult if you prefer. 
We will be having online lessons:
9.30- 10.00ish- ENGLISH
11.15-11.45ish- MATHS
(Zoom link has been sent to parent's emails). 
The time in between will be for children to complete independent work. I will post independent activities below and will go through these activities during the online lessons. 
I will also be online in between 1.15-2.15pm so feel free to drop in at any point during that time if your child needs any help with their work from that morning or if they want to share their work with me and I would be happy to give them individual feedback. 
Keep checking this page for other curriculum subject activities. In the coming weeks, we'll have extra online sessions for other subjects but I just wanted to keep it as simple as possible for now until we get to grips with this new way of working.

WEEKLY PLAN- 25/01/21

THURSDAY 28/01/21

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WEDNESDAY 27/01/21

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TUESDAY 26/01/21

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MONDAY 25/01/21

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FRIDAY 22/01/21

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THURSDAY 21/01/21

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WEDNESDAY 20/01/21

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TUESDAY 19/01/21

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MONDAY 18/01/21

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FRIDAY 15/01/21

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THURSDAY 14/01/21

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WEDNESDAY 13/01/21

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TUESDAY 12/01/21

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MONDAY 11/01/21

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FRIDAY 08/01/21

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THURSDAY 07/01/21

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History- The Mayans

In the times of Ancient Maya, Central America was split up into territories. Each territory was made up of city states. These city states were independent and consisted of a city and the farmland and villages around it.
Today, we took on the role of leaders of city states. We received this very important message...

Welcome my lord. The city mourns the death of your father, the king. He is ascending the branches of the world tree as we speak.
You have instructed that a grand tomb be constructed for him. I am your chief architect and I will help you build this monument to your god-father. The gods will be pleased with your efforts and the endeavor will be blessed by them.
It will be a great undertaking and require a huge amount of organisation. We will also need to greatly increase the size of our town to supply the labour force and resources that will be required.

We had great fun getting our cities up and running and then trading and raiding each other! 10.11.20

This Green Moon

 At Holy Family, we love This Green Moon and this afternoon certainly didn't disappoint. Despite the rain, we had an absolutely amazing time building volcanoes out of clay, using natural materials to create the city of Pompeii and of course toasting marshmallows!  

Sports Day (12.10.20)

 Today, we competed in our house teams to celebrate a belated Sports Day. We all took part in many events, such as: running races, jumping, skipping, obstacle course and lots of different games. We worked really hard and thoroughly enjoyed the morning! We would like to say a big thank-you to Miss Clayton for organising it! 

The results for our class are:

1st Place: St Aidan 

2nd Place: St Hilda

Joint 3rd Place: St Cuthbert and St Bede

We are excited to see how the rest of the school do later on in the week.

Visit to Mount St Marys

It's that time of year when we have to make the big decision of which high school we will be going to next year. We were very lucky as we were able to spend a whole afternoon at MSM to experience some of the things they have to offer. We tried lots of different subjects including: science, art, PE, performing arts and programming. We really enjoyed our afternoon so hopefully we will be able to visit again soon! 

Science (21.09.20)

 This half-term, we are learning about the circulatory system and how it enables us to function. We have already began to find out about the main parts of the circulatory system (heart, blood vessels and blood) and how these work together to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. Today, we used play dough to try and explain our understanding so far.

Geography (wc 14.09.20)

 This half-term, we are learning all about natural disasters (especially volcanoes and earthquakes). So far, we have learned about the structure of the earth and how this structure leads to the formation of volcanoes. We have also learned about how volcanoes erupt and the devastation this can cause. We are excited to continue to learn about these mighty beasts!