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Welcome to Reception Class!

Here you will find lots of information and pictures about the wonderful things we do at school each and every day. 


 We did an amazing job this morning. Our costumes were spectacular, and so was our singing. Each person tried really hard to learn their words and we are very proud of you all. 

Meet the Teacher

Below is the Meet the Teacher information for all parents to read. Any questions, please ask.

Meet the Staff

Have a look at some of the different things we have been wearing to keep all the staff and children safe in school. 

Class Teacher

Miss James

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Gibbons 

Mrs Bascombe

Meet the lovely little children

WC 9th November

 This week, we have had lots of Zoom learning as Miss James has been working from home. It has been great to give it a go and see how it works. It has been very successful and we have enjoyed seeing each other on the screen. 

We started each morning with a live Zoom phonics session as we would in school. We have been picking the new sounds up really quickly and all of our adults are very proud of us. We have even moved on to tricky words and we will be learning lots more of these to help us with our reading and writing. Please use the resources we sent home to help your child with their sounds and tricky words. 

Miss James has loved seeing our faces on the screen. We have enjoyed reading together, interventions, Maths, RE, story time and lots lots more.  

Thank you Reception Class for making me smile each day whilst I have been isolating at home.

WC 2nd November 

We spent some time this week reflecting upon the meaning behind us wearing poppies.  We have donated generously to the poppy fund at school by buying items from the box and giving the money to charity.

We watched a short video to help us understand a little bit more. 

Below is the link if you would like to watch the video at home with your family. 


After watching the video, we decorated some poppies by colouring them in and adding some glitter. They are displayed in our classroom and they look beautiful. Each time we look at the display, we are reminded of all we know who have sadly left this world. Please join us in praying for all these people in your own time. 

WC 19th October

 Each Monday afternoon, Mrs Archdale comes to Reception Class to teach us PE. 

In our PE lessons we have been focusing on ball skills including rolling, bouncing, controlling speed and changing direction when travelling with a ball. We are getting much better at this as time is moving on. 

Take a look at some photos and videos from our latest session. 

WC 12th October 

 This week has been Forest Week throughout school. We  really enjoyed our visit to This Green Moon. We explored the great outdoors and spotted lots of lovely woodland creatures. Our favourite little creature was our friend, Piggy. Piggy is a little brown, bushy squirrel who lives in the trees. He is sometimes a little mischievous and a cheeky chap. He loves to eat nuts and hide them so the other creatures cannot find them. 

We made some special Swilligog bracelets from string that the special creatures left out on the branches for us. We found three different coloured pieces of wool and twirled them together.

It was lovely to spend the afternoon outside in the forest. 

Sports Day

 We have been very busy this week as,  on Tuesday, we enjoyed spending the morning taking part in some sports day activities. First of all we went to the hall and took part in some competitive races including an egg and spoon race and a socially distanced game of tag. We then went outside to the MUGA pitch and ran a couple of short races. Lots of us had very big smiles on our faces throughout the morning.  We finally enjoyed a short yoga session at the end of the action-packed morning

WC 28th September 

 This week we had great fun visiting out school library for the first time this year.  We shared our story of the week which is Were Going on a Bear Hunt. We had such fun listening to the describing words in the story and thinking of ways in which we could act these words out. We all had lovely things to say about the library and we look forward to visiting again next week. 

WC 21st September 

This week, we have spent lots of time talking about  different groups of people who help us.  We have drawn some fantastic pictures and some of us have even written some initial sounds/short captions to explain our pictures. We are having great fun in Reception Class. 

WC 14th September 

WOW! We have made lots of memories and had so much fun during our first week in Reception Class. We have spent lots of time settling in and experimenting in all of the areas. We are looking forward to moving forward with our learning next week. Look at the HUGE smiles on our little faces.