Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to Reception

Teacher: Miss James

 Support Staff:

                      Mrs Gibbons  and Miss Fryer                       

We learn lots of new things at school and have lots of fun learning through play inside and outside of our classroom. 

In Reception we come to school each day to work, to pray and to play in the light of the Lord. 

Learning From Home

WC Monday 13th July 2020

This week is both a sad week and a happy time for us all.

This is the last week before our Summer holidays and what would have been our last week together in Reception. We have had such a fantastic year together and we have learned, laughed and loved one another each day in school. It has been an absolute pleasure to have each and every one of you in my class this year and I wish you all the very best for Year One.


I look forward to visiting you all in your new classroom in September! Mrs Walsh is really looking forward to meeting you all - I have told her wonderful things about you. She is very lucky to be your teacher next year. 

Thank you! You are all little stars!

If your child's PE kit is still in school, please collect by Wednesday or we will dispose of it. Please collect your child's gift too. Many thanks. 

During your last week at home, let's work on all things Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I have added lots of fun activities and things to keep you busy. Please share them with me via Tapestry. 

God Bless you all.

Enjoy your Summer.


Love Miss James x

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Learning From Home

WC Monday 29th June and 6th July 2020

Hi everybody, it has been so lovely to have some of you back in school over the last couple of weeks. We are missing everybody who is learning from home very much. 

I have added lots of Maths activities to keep you busy at home over the next couple of weeks. 

I have also added some reading activities for you to have a look at. Please make sure you are forming your letters correctly too - use the formation booklet to help you. 

In school, we read a book called Daddy's sandwich. There were lots of silly things that daddy chose to put inside his sandwich. I have never eaten a sandwich with a banjo inside it before - we all found it so funny. You could have a go at designing your own silly sandwich and writing about it. If you would like to listen to the story, you can find it on YouTube via the link below. 

Learning From Home

WC Monday 15th June 2020

I hope you all enjoyed half term at home with your families.  

As it is Father's Day next Sunday (21st June), I have added some ideas of activities you may want to do at home to make your dad/grandad/special man feel very loved by you. 

I hope that it is nice and sunny on Father's Day.  If you celebrate at home and would like to share this with me, please upload to Tapestry. 

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I have added a lovely emotions game for you to play at home with your families. You can play with  3 other people.

It is really important to spend some time thinking about how we feel when we are away from school. I hope you enjoy playing this feelings game.

There is also a feelings presentation to share and talk about with an adult. The pictures may help you understand what some of the words mean.

We all feel different each day and this is absolutely fine. It is always good to talk about how you are feeling with someone you can trust. 

Learning From Home

WC Monday 18th May - WC Monday 8th June 2020

Hi all, as we are coming towards the month of May, it is important that we reflect. As we are aware, May is the month of Mary. I have added a link with a song which will help you to take some time out to talk to Mary and Jesus. You may want to ask them for some help during this most difficult time. 


I have also added a picture of Our Lady's special prayer, Hail Mary. I would really like you to have a good go at learning this prayer whilst you are at home. It is a very long prayer and it has some very tricky words in it however, I know you can do it. Please share your learning with me on Tapestry, some of you may like to add a video. 

Please spend some time having a look at this PPT together at home. Share it with all of your children and discuss Mary together. 

Who is she? 

Why is she so special? 

There are lots of activities throughout the PPT that you can try. 

I have added an additional English booklet to keep you very busy. 

Many thanks. 

Stay safe and look after each other. 

God bless,

Miss James. 


Learning From Home 

WC Monday 11th May 2020

Good afternoon Reception Class, I have been missing you all lots this week and I really hope that we will be back working, praying and playing together very soon. 

I hope you all enjoyed VE day celebrations together at home. The weather was beautiful and we were truly blessed with the sunshine. I have already seen some of the wonderful things you did at home to celebrate; if anyone else has anything they would like to share with me, please do so via Tapestry. 

I am uploading lots more phonics activities and some challenge packs to keep you busy. Most of all, stay safe and look after one another. 

I have added a link to a short video of a song from my favourite childhood musical - High School Musical. The lyrics in the song are very fitting and they make me feel very upbeat and happy.

Enjoy :) 

We, for sure, are all in this together! 

Many thanks, Miss James. 



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Learning From Home 

WC Monday 27th April 2020

Hi all, I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and happy when learning from home. I hope you are finding the phonics sessions on YouTube useful. They will be streamed on YouTube again next week if you wish to take part. I have added lots of things to keep you busy for the next 2 weeks at home. Please do keep in touch with me as often as you can /. If I have not heard anything back from you, if you find a spare minute, please do contact me either via email - sjames@holyfamilyleeds.co.uk or on Tapestry. I am doing my very best to respond to you all as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Many thanks. 


Here are some Phonics mats. They seem to become more tricky as you work through them however, a challenge is always good for you. Have fun!


Below is a very useful link that offers EYFS activities to do with your child each day at home. They are very fun activities which often involve different strands of the curriculum. 


I have also added some time challenge cards if you feel you would like some fun activities to complete at home. 


I have added some fun experiments that you may wish to do at home. These activities will provide lots of opportunities for talk and vocab development. You could use the questions provided or create some of your own. Most of all, have fun experimenting!

Learning From Home

WC Monday 20th April 2020

Please see information below. It will help to support you with phonics at home.

Many thanks. 

I am uploading lots and lots of phonics things for you all to be getting on with as, some parents are saying that this is the trickiest thing to help with. I hope they are useful. I have added both phase 2 and phase 3 documents for you to use as you are all at different stages. Some of the phase 3 things may be tricky however, a challenge is always encouraged!

Many thanks. Miss James.

Learning at Home Week 3 

WC Monday 6th April 2020

I hope you all enjoyed the suggested activities last week and I am sure they will have kept you busy. 

This week I would like us to focus upon Easter and how important the story is and what it means to us at Holy Family. 


I have attached another maths booklet (full of fun Easter activities) for you to have a look at if you like. You can carry on with the TTS ones from last week if you are still working your way through them. 


Also, please continue to read at home as often as you can and remember to use your sound mats if you come across and unfamiliar or new sounds. I have seen some fantastic phonics activities from some children on Tapestry - keep it up!


However, this week, I need you all to talk to Jesus. I would like you to think about how we can show our love for him and how we can be kind to others. I have attached a power point with the Easter story and the end slide has some questions that you may want to think about. If you have any answers or would like to draw a picture to represent your feelings or thoughts, you can upload them to Tapestry. 


If you do any Easter crafting or baking with your family, I would love you to share this with me too. You might want to make a special prayer garden using an empty shoe box or you could make a cross using twigs from your garden. You could also have a go at writing a prayer to go with your special creation. If you do anything collective over the Easter period with your family (e.g. family prayers or worship) please share them if you are willing to do so.

It is really important that we take some time out to pray this week. Let's pray for all the people that are ill and also pray for Jesus. We can thank him for everything he has done and continues to do for us. I have added a link below of a short YouTube video to remind us that Jesus is always there for us. Please continue to look after one another and stay safe. God Bless you all. 

Learning at Home Week 2

WC Monday 30th March 2020

Happy Monday all! I hope you enjoyed last week learning from home. I have received lots of fantastic updates on Tapestry and it has been a real pleasure to see what you have been getting up to with your families. Please continue to upload onto Tapestry. I am checking this daily and will reply in due course. 


If you haven't already, I highly recommend creating a Twinkl account whilst it is free. Use the following code for free access to hundreds of learning resources: 


So, this week....


Please see the documents below. I have attached 2 home learning packs from TTS - the EYFS one and the KS1 booklet. Have a look through them both and, if you are able to do so, print the one that you feel you would like to complete. The KS1 booklet has lots of tricky things inside however, some activities would be great for a challenge. 


I have also added other documents below that you might like to have a look at. Most of all, stay safe and continue to have fun! I think all of these resources will keep you very busy.

Keep in touch please. 

God Bless you all. 

Miss James.

Maths Games

Please continue to use your TenTown number cards from Parent's evening. Use these to make sure that you can recognise all the numbers, order them correctly and represent them in many ways.


Use the TTS books (above), there are lots of great activities in there to try. 


Also, Numberblocks on CBeebies is a really good resource to help with number recognition. We use the songs in class to help us with our Maths Mastery and we are familiar with them. We really love singing along to them. Give this a go at home.

I wonder if we could create a set of Numberblocks characters that we could use when we are back in school? That would be great! If you would like to have a go at making a number using boxes/blocks/paper etc then feel free and upload it to Tapestry for me to see please. I would really love that! This is how they look...


All-new Numberblocks, coming May 1st! | Birthday numbers, Party ...

I Spy...

This is a lovely Spring themed activity to help with your counting. You will need to use both documents together. One has the items for you to count and the other has somewhere to record your counting.

Measuring in Spoonfuls (non standard measures) 

 Just for fun! If you have the ingredients, you may want to follow the recipe. Count the number of spoonfuls of each ingredient you need, follow the recipe and enjoy your biscuits. An adult MUST help you with this. 

Phonics games

 Please continue to use your phonics sound mats to recap old sounds and learn new ones. You can also use Geraldine the giraffe on YouTube to help with this if you wish. She is extremely funny and cheeky. 


Phonics play still have fantastic resources available including games that you may wish to play. 


Alphablocks on CBeebies also helps with sounds and phonological awareness. I have given you a couple of games below that you may want to play together. 


Underneath the games, there is a CVC word booklet that I have added which will keep you busy for quite a while. It will help with recognising sounds, blending and segmenting. 



These challenges cover lots of areas of learning and they are fun! Have a look and complete as many as you can. 

Staying at Home

WC Monday 23rd March 2020

I would like to begin by checking in on all of our wonderful families within our class. Many thanks to each and every one of you for keeping your children at home wherever possible. 

As you are aware, if your child was in school on Friday, they will have received a pack of suggested activities that you can complete together at home. In addition to the pack,  will be putting ideas of activities for you to complete on this school website page. 


Joe Wicks is live streaming PE lessons each morning at 9am which is a great way to

keep active. 


Shonette is live streaming dough disco on YouTube each day which will help to develop 

fine motor skills.


My email address was given to you all and therefore, you can use this to contact me

should you feel it necessary. 


Today (Monday 23rd March 2020)

Can you look outside of your window? What can you see? Draw a picture and label it or write a sentence to tell me all about what you can see. 


Tuesday (24th March 2020) 

Who is in your family? Can you have a think about drawing a picture. Draw your family members in order from the youngest to the oldest. If you can, tell me how old they are. When you have drawn the picture, can you write a sentence or a few words to tell me about the people in your family. 

Wednesday (25th March 2020) 

Use the Ten Town number cards you received at parents evening. Put them in order 

first of all from 1 - 10. Can you draw the correct number of dots/flowers/dogs/cats etc 

to match each number. If you would like a challenge, can you have a go at showing me 

a number of your choice. For example, if you choose number 6, you could try and show 

me this using a part whole model. You may choose to write some number sentences or 

you may even be able to have a go at writing the number in words. Have fun exploring 

the numbers and see if you can find any objects around the house to show the number.


Thursday (26th March) 

Choose your favourite reading book. This can be a school reading book or a book that 

you might have at home. What is the title of the book? Tell me what you wonder about 

the book.  Write a sentence to tell me what you wonder. Read the book, who are the 

characters in the book? Are they good or bad characters? Can you draw your own 

character that you could add into the book? 

Friday (27th March)

Bake/paint/create something with your family. What might this be? You may have an 

empty bottle or an empty egg carton or cereal box that you could use to create a very 

special model. Write all about it and give step by step instructions so that your friends

could make the same thing as you. 


Please put all of your fantastic work onto Tapestry where I will be looking each day. 





See you all very soon.

Miss James :) 

Science Week

WC 9th March 2020

We have been celebrating national Science Week in school. We had lots of fun this morning learning all about the importance of looking after our environment. We did our bit by going outside as a class to pick up as much litter as we could - we managed to fill a bin liner! 


Thanks to the fantastic Year 3 children who joined us to help us collect as much as we could, they were wonderful helpers.


We really enjoyed ourselves because we we had a chance to use the litter pickers that the big children use in the playgrounds. 


This weekend, if we could all pick up one piece of litter, it would help to make the

world a better, cleaner and tidier place to live. 

World Book Day

Thursday 5th March 2020

We have had the most magical day in Reception Class celebrating World Book Day.  Our costumes were absolutely fantastic and we all had such a lovely time sharing stories with our friends. Miss James and Mrs Gibbons scared us all this morning in their ugly step sister costumes - what a fright! It was such a wonderful day and we really did have lots of fun together. 


Thanks to all of our lovely parents and families that came to join us this morning to begin our special celebrations. We really appreciate your support. 

The Deep

Friday 24th January 2020

We visited The Deep in Hull on Friday as part of our Under the Sea topic. We saw lots of different types of fish and sea creatures. We enjoyed our workshop and saw a special diver called Seb who looks after the tanks at the Deep. He feeds the fish very carefully and checks that they are happy and healthy. Lots of us fell asleep on the minibus on the way home because we were so tired from all the exploring. I hope you are all well rested after the weekend Reception Class. 

Book of the Week

WC 20th January 2020

This week, we shared our story of Ten Little Pirates in the library as we do each week. We made predictions about the book using the front cover. Have a read of some of the things we said 

" I wonder if they will find the friends" Annabella

"I wonder if the pirates are bad or good" Mia

" I wonder if they get lost" Penny

"I wonder if they find treasure you know like treasure all buried in the map" Bridget

"I wonder if they all have a party together" Keaton 

"I wonder if there's only 10 of them" Jayden 


We answered some of our I wonder questions after we had read our story and others, we are still waiting to find the answer to. We love the peaceful and calm time that we share in the library. 


Jesus Loves Us

WC 13th January 2020

We are all well settled again after returning from the Christmas break. In RE this week we have been learning all about different ways in which we can show love to others. We used role play to act this out in our classroom. We shared ideas such as ...

giving hugs 

making cards 


sharing with our friends


Have a look at some of the photos from our role play afternoon. We enjoyed it lots and shared some lovely ideas. 

Christmas Fun

December 2019

We had lots of fun throughout December at school taking part in lots of craft activities and party days. However, we mainly focused upon the real meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus. We spent many weeks rehearsing for our Nativity to prepare for his coming. Our performances were fantastic, so much so, that some parents/carers came back twice. We were all so brilliant and our adults were very proud of us. 

World Hello Day

WC  Monday 18th November 

We celebrated World Hello Day from our Spread the Happiness calendar by bringing things in to reflect our cultures/customs and routines that we may join in with at home. Some of us wore special clothes from our special countries which were very beautiful. Also, others of us brought some native foods in for our friends to try - it was all so yummy! We enjoyed saying hello in other languages and we enjoyed talking about the other countries in our world. 





Wednesday 13th November 2019

We acted out a story about a princess called Elizabeth who loved God very much. Every day she would fill her basket with food and go to visit the poor and the sick people. We have been thinking about how we can show our love for God by helping others. 

Our Class Mass 

WC Monday 11th November 2019

We visited church for our class mass with Year 6 this week. We walked very sensibly together and held our buddies hand. We listened very carefully to Fr. Neil and were very respectful. Also, Fr. Neil noticed that we were all wearing a special poppy to remember all those that have given their lives for us. We all spent some time talking to Jesus. 

Bonfire Night Fire Pit Fun

WC Monday 4th November 2019

We gathered around our fire pit in our outdoor learning area to celebrate Bonfire Night together by having a small fire. We had a chat about the importance of safety and what could happen if we didn't follow the rules. We all toasted a marshmallow on our fire, had some hot chocolate and, ate a biscuit - yummy scrummy! We even made some pretend edible sparklers using breadsticks dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on top. We were all so excited. 

Pumpkin Carving Competition

WC Monday 21st October 2019

Some of us chose to carve pumpkins for our whole school competition and others of us decided to bring in something spooky. We had 2 winners in our Reception Class - we were very proud of our friends and so happy for them. Well done to all that entered. 

Superheroes Week

WC Monday 14th October 2019

We really enjoyed doing all things superheroes this week. Lots of our family members came to join us for Stay and Play. We enjoyed decorating biscuits, dressing up and even having a shot of a super power of our choice - how fun! 

We read lots of hero themed stories but of course, Supertato was our favourite! 

Forest Week 

WC Monday 7th October 2019 

We had such a great time at This Green Moon for our Forest Week adventures. Have a look at some of our photos. 

Forest week

WC Monday 7th October 2019

We had fun visiting Armley Park. 

Maths Mastery

WC Monday 30th September

We are really enjoying getting to grips with our Maths Mastery approach this year. We have learned all about the number 1 so far this half term and we have now moved on to exploring number 2. Each time we look at a number, we begin by listening to the matching Ten Town song and number blocks song. 

Listen to the number 2 number blocks song here: 


We really enjoy adding new items to our number table each day. We search for things around the classroom and our shared area that represent the number of the week. We also use our interactive display to help us when we are forming our numbers. We also create numbers in the paint area and play dough area which are then added to the special focus table. 

Take a look at some of our brilliant number 2 work  from this week.

 Bears Topic

WC Monday 30th September

We have been learning all about bears this half term. So far, we have focused on polar bears. We know where they live and what they eat. We have made split pin bears to help us develop our fine motor skills. It was tricky but we enjoyed exploring new ways of joining pieces of paper and other materials together.  

Our Year Six Buddies

WC Mon 27th September

We love spending time with our Buddies from Year Six. They come to visit us in school and we love to play with them. 

Walking to Church 

WC Monday 20th September

We walked to Holy Family Church with our Buddies. We were very respectful throughout mass and we joined in the best that we could.



WC Monday 13th September

In RE, we have been learning about God's World. We created paintings to show people we love. We know that it is important to love others.  Have a look at our beautiful paintings. 

Meeting Our Buddies

WC 13th September 

We met our Buddies for the first time. Some of us were a little bit worried about the big children coming to see us.  However, we had so much fun!