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Welcome to Year Three!

Mrs Simpson, Mrs Angstmann, Miss Gibbons, Miss Clayton and the whole of year 3 would like to welcome you to our class web page

Here you will see all of the exciting and interesting things we get up to at school. We hope you enjoy keeping up with all we are up too!

The children are keen to show off their skills so keep checking back! 

Autumn 1

French - We have been learning how to count to 10 in French. We played a fun game on the playground with Mrs Simpson where we had to recognise the number she shouted in French and get into groups of that amount while holding up that many fingers so she knew what number we thought it was. 06.09.2019


Topic - This half term we are learning about the Stone Age. We have been looking at how people communicated in the Stone Age and we now know they didn't have any technology so couldn't ring people, email, or even write letters. People in the Stone Age communicated by creating cave art by drawing on the walls of the caves. We learnt that a hand print is how they did their signatures. Take a look at some of our cave art we had a go at making using chalk pastels! 09.09.2019

After learning all about the Stone Age diet, we had a go at making some stewed fruit our self. We used raspberry's, blackberry's and pears mixed with some honey and sugar. 

English - This half term we are learning to write stories from the past. We have been trying really hard to use expanded noun phrases to create setting descriptions and identifying what type of words we use when writing in past tense. We have also learnt all about prepositions and how we can use them to make our writing even better. 

Come back next week to see some of our finished story's we have written!

Maths - In maths we have been focusing on place value and knowing the value of each digit in 3-digit numbers. We have been using base 10 to help us to understand that they are made up of hundreds, tens and ones. We were practising to understand which part of the number will change when we add or subtract 1, 10 or 100. 11.09.2019

We then moved onto adding and subtracting 1-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. Base 10 came in super handy for us to see then if we need to carry 10 we just swap tens one for a ten. 26.09.2019

Music - We have been having lots of fun with Miss Lee during our music sessions. We have been learning a new song linked to our stone age topic and have had to learn to use different instruments to create the music. We loved performing it to Mrs Simpson and Miss Gibbons when we had finished. 02.10.2019 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

We had an amazing time on our first school trip of the year. We visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of our science topic 'animals including humans'. We learnt lots of new facts about animals and their body parts. 

Autumn 2

Literacy: This half term we have been learning how to write newspaper reports. We started of looking at the features and we used real newspapers to help us to find these. We learnt that newspapers need to have headings, a lead, a by line, the body, photos with captions and direct speech. It was super fun cutting up the newspapers to create our new display. 


This half term in geography we have been looking at the UK and using an atlas to find cities, counties, rivers and high and low land. We found it very tricky to begin with to use the atlas we had lots of practise to help us to identify the different places. 

Decoration Day: Monday 2nd December 

We have had a fantastic day this year for our decoration day. We have been super busy making two different types of baubles. We used wire to create a Christmas shape and then threaded beads onto the wire. This was very fiddly by very fun. We also used some star stencils to cut out lots of different sized stars to make our very own star Christmas tree!

French: Friday 13th December

 In our French lessons we have been learning about Christmas in France and England.In today's lesson we had lots of fun  making  triaramas and sang a french song.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à tous!

Spring 1

Magna (Thursday 9th January 2020)

We visited Magna Science Museum as part of our science topic 'forces and magnets' this half term. We were super excited to explore the four rooms (air, fire, earth and water) and complete all the different activities in the room.

We finished of the day by having a workshop based around magnets. We learnt lots of things about magnets such as for a metal to be magnetic it has to contain iron, magnets can repel and attract and if you add a magnet to a form of electricity such as a battery this can cause copper wire to spin. It was very interesting!


This half term in maths we are continuing to explore multiplication and division.

Monday 13th January

Today we have been looking at multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using base 10. First we had a go at using base 10 to make groups before some of us were then challenged to draw the base 10 in our books to help us find the answers. Take a look below. 


This half term began with us exploring letters and the features we need to write a letter.  We looked at real letters and chopped them up to identify what the different features were. We then displayed these on our literacy display to remind us throughout the unit.  

D-Side(1st October 2020)

Today D-Side came in to talk to us all about drug awareness with an emphasis on Tobacco. We learnt about what it is and all the dangers about using us. We learnt lots of interesting facts and the effects that it has on not only our bodies but also other peoples as well. 


Every Monday we have Choir with Mrs Hague and every Wednesday we have music with Miss Lee. We love taking part in these lessons and having fun learning to play new instruments, sing using new techniques and just having fun.

Spring 2

Class Assembly (Weds 5th March 2020)

This half term we have been looking at ways that we can help to look after our planet. We did an assembly for the school, sharing all the ways we thought they could help and some facts about recycling. 

World Book Day (Friday 6th March 2020)

In Year 3 we had a fab day celebrating World Book Day. Throughout the week we took part in lots of different activities including sharing a story around the camp fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows and sharing a story with Year 2 in the Library.

On World book day we all put in lots of effort making and finding our costumes. Everybody looked amazing! We completed lots of themed activities such as creating our own book marks, book challenges and even completed the 'Ridiculous Writers' competition.

Take a look at some of our fab activities and costumes below.