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To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to Year Four!


  In Year Four  we are extremely lucky because we have Miss Wharton, Mrs Archdale , Miss Gibbons, Mrs Woolley and Mrs Merdani 

We are very excited to have lots of fun this year whilst working very hard of course. Keep visiting our page to find out all about the wonderful things that we will be doing. 

13th March - Collective Worship

Today, the boys delivered a wonderful collective worship all about kindness.

They read the story of 'The Good Samaritan' and then asked us all the reflect on how we can show kindness to others in our class during Lent. 

9th March - 13th March - Science Week 'Our Diverse World' 

This week has been Science week and we have been learning all about the conditions in Antarctica. We started the week by learning about Bransfield's journey to Antarctica 1819-1820. We started thinking about what he would need to take on his journey in order to survive whilst he was there. 

To end the week, we read some letters that Ernest Shackleton had written to describe the Antarctic winters. He said that on a warm day, the temperature reached the equivalent of -17°C, which is about as cold as a freezer!

In groups we then created a prototype of a coat that could be worn in Antarctica.

Check out what we did below!

5th March - World Book Week 

During World Book Week, Year 4 have been doing some fantastic activities to help celebrate our love of reading. This included sharing a story around the fire and reading stories with our little buddies in Nursery. Thank you to Miss James for organising some fantastic activities during the week. 

When it came to World Book Day, Miss Wharton was very impressed with our wonderful costumes! Check out the wonderful things we did during the week:

27th February - Skipping Competition

Today we went to Mount St Marys High School to take part in a skipping competition with other local schools. We had a fantastic afternoon and some of even achieved an award for our efforts!

24th February - Maths Fractions

Today in Maths, we have been using counters to find a fraction of an amount. We had to think very carefully about the whole, the fraction we were finding and how many equal parts we had to divide the whole in to.

24th February - Geography Project 

During the half term, we were asked to complete a Geography Project all about Europe. Each individual was given a country within Europe and they had to display the facts they had found out, either on a poster or in an information booklet. Miss Wharton was extremely impressed! 

Mrs Duffy was so impressed she made us all a special certificate:

14th February - Science

In science we have been learning about electricity and making simple circuits to light a bulb. Today we modelled the flow of electricity in a circuit. We needed one child as a battery (or cell), one as a bulb and the rest of us passed balls around our circuit to show how electrons flow.

3rd February - Murton Park - Roman Soldier Day 

We visited Murton Park as a class to learn more about the Roman Army and its impact in Britain. We began the day by making our own oil lamps and learning how to write our name using the Roman alphabet. 

In the afternoon, we put our fighting skills to test and learnt about the weapons and tactics used by the Roman army! We had a fantastic day!

31st January - D-Side Dave 

Today D-Side Dave came in to speak to us about alcohol. He talked to us about the different types of alcohol and why some people choose not to drink. We learnt about the affect that alcohol has on the body and the major organs that can be damaged if you drink too much. We even got to try out Dave's funny goggles to see what happens if you drink too much!

To show how much we learnt, we created some posters full of facts...

13th-14th January - Maths 

In Maths we have been developing our knowledge of fractions. We have been recognising fractions as different representations. 

7th January - Exploring Europe in Geography

We are back in school and starting our brand new Geography topic all about Europe. In today's lesson we discussed the different countries in Europe and the oceans and seas surrounding them. We learnt that there are fifty countries that make up Europe and that Europe is the second smallest continent. 

Then, we were all given a country which we had to research. Using a range of sources (including atlases, floor maps and i-pads) we had to find out what other countries surrounded them, what seas/oceans they were bound by, the population, the languages spoken and any rivers that flowed through them. 

10th December - French

In today's lesson we designed and described a Christmas jumper in French.We revised colours and learned some words associated with Christmas.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à tous!

6th December - Victorian Christmas Day

Today we celebrated a Victorian Christmas. We played lots of games, made some traditional Victorian decorations and then entertained the rest of the school by singing traditional Christmas Carols. We even learned how to play some songs with Mrs Trustcott in our music lesson. See if you can work out what songs we’re playing! 

Can you work out what we’re trying to act out in our game of charades? 

Traditional Christmas Carols: 

26th November - French

In French lessons we have been learning about zoo animals.We read the story Une visite Au Zoo and made triaramas. We used adjectives to describe the zoo animals and demonstrated a good understanding of the position of the majority of adjectives.

25th November - Skipping Club 

We are taking our skipping competition very seriously, some of us are staying after school to practise our skills!


25th November - Religious Education 
In our RE lessons, we have been learning about characters in the Bible who had trust in God. In today’s lesson, we focused on the trust that Mary had when she was chosen by God. We discussed the importance of the story of ‘The Annunciation’ and what we can learn about Mary. We then created our own images of the Annunciation, thinking carefully about what we had chosen to draw. 

22nd November - Victorian Murder Mystery 

We had a fantastic time on our school trip because we had to become mini-detectives. We started the day by learning how to recognise a policeman and a detective during the Victorian Period. After that, we completed a fingerprint ID and used clues/evidence to work out who we thought killed Mr Sellit. We had to ask lots of questions to find out that, it was in fact Mr Floggit who worked in the Pawnbrokers.

In the afternoon, we explored Abbey House Museum to gain an insight into what Leeds looked like in the Victorian times. We even had the opportunity to dress up. If you’re wondering why we aren’t smiling, we were trying to perfect our Victorian pose. Some of us were very good at it! 

20th November - Victorian Workhouse 

Today we used our books from the Leeds Library Service to research information about Victorian Workhouses. Using the facts we had learnt, we created a ppt in pairs.

8th November - History

In history we have been learning about Victorian inventor Alexander Graham Bell. We used role play to retell the story of his life and how he came to invent the telephone.

6th November - Computing 

Today we used light bot and scratch to show off our programming and coding skills!

6th November - Guided Reading 

We started our new guided reading book 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. We used our skill of inference to explain what we thought our book was going to be about and why. 

Ala - I think it's about a boy during the Victorian times because he is running on a cobbled street and his clothes look old fashioned. 

Felemon - I think he is running away from someone because his head is turned and he is looking behind him. 

5th November - Coal Miner talk

Today we were visited by 3 gentlemen who worked in the mines: Eddie, Steve and Tony. They came in to tell us all about what life was like when they worked down in the mines. We began by watching a video all about the mining community and we then looked at various artefacts. Towards the end of the morning, we even got to dress up like a miner - even the teachers joined in! Miss Wharton was very impressed with our knowledge and how much we had remembered from our visit to the National Coal Mining Museum! 

25th October - Yorkshire Sculpture Park 

Today we visited the Sculpture Park in Wakefield. Even though it rained, we had a fantastic day with our house team friends and we learnt lots about the different sculptures in the park. We even had a group talk about the famous pieces of art inside the learning centre. 

22nd October - National Coal Mining Museum 

We had an amazing time at the Coal Mining Museum and we learnt so many facts! We couldn't believe that during the Victorian Era, children who were the same age as us, had to work down in the mines in such terrible conditions. Have a look at some of our pictures to find out what we did.

21st October - D-side visit 

Today we had a visit from d-side Dave. He came in to talk to us about staying safe online! 

17th October - Skipping Practise 

Today we started practising for our skipping competition. Miss Wharton was very impressed with our skills. We can't wait to show them to Jodie tomorrow!

17th October - David and Goliath 

In Religious Education we have been learning all about when God chose David. We learnt that God didn’t choose David by what he looked like, he chose David because of what he could see in his heart. We then started to think about what God would see in our hearts. 

16th and 17th October - Collective Worship 

The children in Year 4 have been busy planning and delivering their own collective worships. Some have even gone home and prepared a ppt for their worship! 

16th October - Computing

We have been learning how to programme today and have added sound recordings to our Scratch projects. 16.10.19

15th October - French

Such a lovely work from Year 4 today.

We  read the story Va t'en Grand Monstre Vert and enjoyed making our own monsters.We  looked at word order (size,part of the body,colours) and described our own monsters' appearance using adjectives.

15th October - Assessment week

Even though we are doing lots of assessments in year 4, we still love having lots of fun!

15th October - Times Tables fun!

Every week in Year 4 we are busy practising our times tables. We know that the more we practise the better we get at them. Today we had a group of children who achieved their bronze award. They had to get 90 or more for three weeks to achieve their badge. Our class were very proud of them!

11th October - This Green Moon 

We had an amazing day at ‘This Green Moon’. We learnt all about different Victorian games, played conkers and even had time to toast some marshmallows. 

10th October - Philosophy lesson 

Today Mrs Crosthwaite came in to teach us about philosophy and debating. We were debating whether ‘A lie is always a lie.’ We have to really think about the answers we were giving. Some us believe that you may not to tell the whole truth sometimes as it might hurt someone’s feeling whereas others believe that a lie is always a lie and it doesn’t matter what the situation is. 

9th October - Music lesson 

Today we were lucky enough to have a music lesson with Miss Lee. We had a great time and loved warming up our vocal chords! 

8th October - French

We have been learning lots this half term with Mrs Merdani. We have been learning about the different parts of the body in french and then we created our own monster and labelled it.

7th October - Fanwood Scout Camp

Today we had an amazing time at Fanwood Scout Camp! Thank you Mrs Duffy for organising such a fun day.

On the nightline we had to give our partner clear instructions in order for them to get around the obstacle course and reach the end successfully. We got very wet and dirty!

After that, we took on the traverse climbing wall challenge. We learnt how the strongest muscles in our body are in our legs, so it was important that we used our legs to push us up. 

We even had time for hot chocolate at the end!

3rd October - Maths Theme Park 

Today in Maths we had to use our problem solving skills. This week we have been learning how to add and subtract decimals so we though we would challenge ourselves by planning a 7 day holiday for two people with a £1000 budget.  Miss Wharton was very impressed with our calculating in our books! We know that sometimes we make mistakes in maths, but mistakes are proof that we are trying. 

30th September - Art skills 

For the last couple of weeks, we have been using our sketch books to improve our techniques when drawing. We started by using our pencils to make intricate and detailed marks, paying close attention to tone. We also learned about cross hatching which is a popular artistic technique, used to add shadow and dimension to drawn objects. We then used what we had learnt to create an image of Queen Victoria. 

24th September - Collective Worship 

Today Callum, Zsofia and Leon planned and delivered our first pupil led worship. They themed their worship all around serving others in our world. They began by reading ‘Jesus washes the disciples feet’ and explained how Jesus was trying to teach his disciples that he wanted them to go and serve others in the way that he had served them. Some children in our class shared ways in which they have serve others. 

13th September - Religious Education 

This week in RE we have been learning about how the Bible is filled with stories of God's relationship with us. We focused on the story of 'The Good Samaritan' and what the message within the story could be. In groups we created a drama performance to show our own interpretation of the story. 

12th September - Maths Place Value 

This week we looked at four-digit numbers for the first time. We explored what a thousand is through concrete and pictorial representations, recognising that 1,000 is made up of ten hundreds. 

6th September - Classifying materials 

Today we were classifying a range of materials into solids or liquids. As a class, we talked about how materials have different properties which help us to classify them as either solids or liquids. One of our materials was vinegar, we really didn't like the smell! 

6th September - The Magic Finger 

Today we started our new Guided Reading book 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl. We used our inference skills to predict what we think the book might be about. We had some amazing ideas: 

Eddie - I think that she uses her magic finger to turn inanimate objects into real life objects.

Amanda - I think she uses her magic finger to control things. 

Zsofia - I think she uses her magic finger to create potions to cast spells on people. 

Teanna - I think she looks angry so she uses her magic finger when someone has done something bad.