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Home Learning - What Year 5 have been up to!

On this page, you can see all the wonderful things your Year 5 peers have been getting up to at home :)

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 We are missing you all very much! 

Tommy has been working super hard at home! He has been completing tasks Miss Caulfield has set as well as other activities such as leaf painting and making calm jars with his sister Grace. He's also been taking his dog on lots of walks and staying active. Well done Tommy, super work :) 

During her time off school, Penny has had a very mature and independent approach to her learning and has been working on areas she felt needed extra work on. She has also been completing lots of mini projects including making her own art machine that uses centrifugal force to create cool art, creating homemade friendship bracelets and learning about volcanoes and making her own. Super work Penny! 

It has been another busy week for Olivia W! She has completed her Maths work on decimals, done some writing from Pobble365 and completed the English task listing the things she would take to a desert island and why. She had some very good ideas and was able to justify her reasons to why she would take each item.  She used lots of high level techniques in her writing including fronted adverbials, rhetorical questions and her own opinion. Fantastic work Olivia! 

Igor has completed some of the Greek topic work. He has made a Greek scroll and temple which both look fantastic! I can tell lots of hard work and time have gone into both of them. Well done Igor! 

Check out the amazing work Olivia W completed last week! She's doing a great job of taking ownership of her own learning. Well done Olivia :) 

Tommy has been completing lots of work whilst at home. He has been doing some baking, enjoying the outdoors with his dog Coco and he even tried a volcano Science experiment! He has also written a newspaper article about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Excellent work Tommy! 
He also says hi and hoped everyone is staying safe and well :) 

Olivia W has been super busy again and completing lots of work. Check out her Maths work and her VE day newspaper below. 

Markh has been super busy with a reading challenge and has managed to read ALL these books during his time at home! He also celebrated his birthday in April and made his own birthday cake. Happy birthday Markh from all of Year 5 :) 

This week Giuseppe has made breakfast for all of his family by himself. He made waffles which look delicious! He's also been keeping up to the Friday challenges. Well done Giuseppe! 

Wow! Olivia W has been very busy whilst at home and has completed lots of Maths, English, Topic, French and Art work. I love how hard you have been working Olivia and it is lovely to see your amazing work. Keep it up :) 

Maya has been super busy learning all about Ancient Greece. She has produced some lovely artwork and even made an informative PowerPoint with lots of interesting 'Did you know facts'. Very impressive, well done Maya! 

Katelyn has been completing some Ancient Greek work and spending some time in the lovely outdoors. Lovely pictures Katelyn! 

Igor has been very busy baking cream and raspberry muffins and pizza from scratch. They look delicious! 

This week, Lathan has completed the suggested Maths activities based on decimals, practised his hand writing (which looks beautiful) and helped out with looking after his younger sisters. Great work Lathan! 

Harry's handy work is open for business! Harry has been busy creating some artistic artwork, a lovely rainbow and he even planted his own garden! Super work Harry! 

Charlize has been busy, busy, busy! She has been exercising on a morning to PE with Joe Wicks, drawing rainbows and getting creative making her own Greek alphabet (not quite finished yet). Well done Charlize! 

Tommy has been doing work in the mornings then getting creative in the afternoon. He looks like he's having lots of fun! Well done Tommy, check out a few of the things he's been up to: 

Sarah has been playing lots of educational games on the Ipad and has also planted some succulents in memory of her Great Grandad. Lovely work Sarah!

Fallon has been very busy whilst she has been at home! She has been completing work in her homework books, getting creative with chalk and completing some 'Who Let the Gods Out' activities. Keep up the great work Fallon!

Giuseppe has been practising both his English and Science skills whilst at home. He has been watching a live broadcast called 'WildEarth' which shows live wildlife safari drives in South Africa. After watching one, he picked an animal and created a powerpoint presentation about his chosen animal. Great work on Giraffes Giuseppe! 

Introducing to you our new Prime Minister Katelyn Taylor...

Not only has Katelyn been practising her drama skills, she has also set up her own rules for the Taylor's Primary Home School and writing letters. Looking fantastic, well done!

Lathan has been doing lots of outside learning. He has planted lots of different seeds and is looking after them every day. Below in the picture, is some of the beetroot he is growing. 

Ethan has been very busy growing crystals, playing with kinetic sand and he even baked his own birthday cake (it looks delicious). A big Happy Birthday to you Ethan from all of Year 5!!