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Here at Holy Family we are proud of our Curriculum and all that we teach.  Our Class Pages can give you an insight into some of the amazing things we get up to.  If you need any more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Phonics and Early Reading

We are proud of how well our children read and how dedicated our staff are to Phonics.  We follow The Letters and Sounds Programme with all of the latest updates. We also use resources from other schemes to help develop the children's learning and support our teaching:

Jolly Phonics Songs and Actions

Ruth Miskin Letter Cards to help support letter formation and sound recognition

Phonics Play

We host evenings to help support parents with their Phonics knowledge and how they read with their children at home.

If you need any more support with this then get in touch with your child's Class Teacher!

Year Group Long Term Plans

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Subject Overviews

R.E. (Lead by Mrs Wharton)

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Writing (Lead by Mrs Flanagan)

At Holy Family, we understand that high quality talk lays the foundation for being an effective writer. Therefore, children need to be confident speakers and communicate effectively before they begin to write. We provide children with many opportunities to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings during writing lessons. This can include: discussions, various drama opportunities, talk partners, shared writing etc.

Our Writing curriculum covers a wide variety of genres related to each half term’s topic and focus class text which enables children to apply and practise their writing in other areas of the curriculum too, further embedding their knowledge and skills.

To support children on their journey to becoming effective writers, teachers clearly model writing at word, sentence and whole text level. We recognise the need to expose children to adventurous vocabulary and use working walls to display particular words and spellings. Teachers also assess children’s written work to identify strengths, gaps in learning and areas which need further practise.

We celebrate the wonderful written work that our children produce each month. Each class has 2 children chosen by their teacher to enter our Writing Hall of Fame. These children are recognised in our celebration worship and receive a notebook, pen and certificate for their achievements.

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Music (Lead by Miss James)

Info coming soon!

Science (Lead by Miss Nicholson)

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P.E. (Lead by Miss Clayton)

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Art (Lead by Miss Doherty)

Info coming soon!

DT (Lead by Mrs Archdale)

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Geography (Lead by Mrs Duffy)

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History (Lead by Mrs Walsh)

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PSHE   (Lead by Mrs Rees)

Parent folder
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