Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

  1. Our School
  2. Our Staff

Our Staff

Mr Strong

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Rees

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Biedka

Assistant Headteacher


Pastoral Care

Mrs Crosthwaite Learning Mentor / Safeguard Leader



Mrs Duffy Class Teacher

Miss Daly  Teaching Assistant



Miss James Class Teacher

Mrs Gibbons Teaching Assistant

Miss Charlesworth Teaching Assistant


Year 1

Miss Doherty Class Teacher

Miss Fryer Teaching Assistant

Miss Lazar Teaching Assistant


Year 2

Mrs Walsh Class Teacher

Mrs Burrow Teaching Assistant


Year 3

Miss Furlong Class Teacher

Mrs Angstmann Teaching Assistant



Year 4

Miss Wharton Class Teacher

Mrs Archdale HLTA

Miss Gibbons Teaching Assistant


Year 5

Mr Waddingham Class Teacher

Mrs Merdani HLTA

Mrs McHale Teaching Assistant


Year 6

Miss Nicholson Class Teacher

Mrs Flanagan Class Teacher

Mrs Bascombe Teaching Assistant


Office Staff

Miss Senior Admin Assistant



Site Staff

Mr McGann Superintendent

Mrs Taylor Cleaner in Charger

Mrs Cosgrove Cleaner


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Burrow

Mrs Bi

Mrs Carty

Mrs Collinson

Mrs Duffy

Mrs Qamar


Across School Staff

Mrs Webster Support Staff


Maternity Leave

Mrs Simpson Teacher

Miss Fletcher Teacher