Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Sports Leaders


Here at Holy Family, we have an incredible amount of children willing to volunteer their time to be part of the P.E. and Sport Leadership at our school. In particular we have 16 children from Years 5 & 6 who are training as Sports Leaders for our school. They attend a club every Wednesday with Gavyn from Leeds Rhinos. At the club, they learn and develop the skills required to be excellent Sports Leaders, such as confidence, communication, organisation and creativity. 


The job of a Sports Leader is to promote sport and physical activity to all children in the school. They do this in a variety of ways; attending after school clubs to help members of staff in the delivery of clubs, attending sports fixtures to write match reports for our display in school, planning and delivering active lunchtime sessions for some of the younger children in school are just some examples of how they carry out their important role.


Each Sports Leader has been chosen for their different ability and nature to complement each other so as a whole team, they are able to provide everything we need to promote our school P.E. vision – ‘everyone to participate, perform and enjoy P.E. and Sport at our school’. 


Congratulations to Finlay, Cady-Jade, Ellise, Macey, Layton, Josh L, Bailey, Chris, Harry, Kacper R, Kacper K, Josh C & Mary Kate who are now officially Sports Leaders and can wear their hoody and t-shirt with pride alongside Evan, Dannan and Lillie who earned theirs last year and continue to do an excellent job.

A HUGE thank you to our generous HOFFs who paid for all the tops - we really appreciate it and will wear them with pride.