Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to Reception

Teacher: Miss James

 Support Staff:

                      Mrs Gibbons  and Miss Fryer                       

We learn lots of new things at school and have lots of fun learning through play inside and outside of our classroom. 

In Reception we come to school each day to work, to pray and to play in the light of the Lord. 

Forest Week 

WC Monday 7th October 2019 

We had such a great time at This Green Moon for our Forest Week adventures. Have a look at some of our photos. 

Forest week

WC Monday 7th October 2019

We had fun visiting Armley Park. 

Maths Mastery

WC Monday 30th September

We are really enjoying getting to grips with our Maths Mastery approach this year. We have learned all about the number 1 so far this half term and we have now moved on to exploring number 2. Each time we look at a number, we begin by listening to the matching Ten Town song and number blocks song. 

Listen to the number 2 number blocks song here: 


We really enjoy adding new items to our number table each day. We search for things around the classroom and our shared area that represent the number of the week. We also use our interactive display to help us when we are forming our numbers. We also create numbers in the paint area and play dough area which are then added to the special focus table. 

Take a look at some of our brilliant number 2 work  from this week.

 Bears Topic

WC Monday 30th September

We have been learning all about bears this half term. So far, we have focused on polar bears. We know where they live and what they eat. We have made split pin bears to help us develop our fine motor skills. It was tricky but we enjoyed exploring new ways of joining pieces of paper and other materials together. 


Our Year Six Buddies

WC Mon 27th September

We love spending time with our Buddies from Year Six. They come to visit us in school and we love to play with them. 

Walking to Church 

WC Monday 20th September

We walked to Holy Family Church with our Buddies. We were very respectful throughout mass and we joined in the best that we could.



WC Monday 13th September

In RE, we have been learning about God's World. We created paintings to show people we love. We know that it is important to love others.  Have a look at our beautiful paintings. 

Meeting Our Buddies

WC 13th September 

We met our Buddies for the first time. Some of us were a little bit worried about the big children coming to see us.  However, we had so much fun!