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Home Learning

Welcome to Year 3's Home Learning page! 

Here you will find suggested activities your child can be completing whilst at home. 

Below is an example of a suggested plan your child could follow throughout the week. Please feel free to follow this plan or complete however many activities you would like to do!


Year 3 have been super busy at home continuing with their learning. I am proud of every single one of you for coping so well and carrying on during this hard time! Please take a look below at some of the hard work Year 3 has been doing at home. 

Please keep sending it in to me. I can't wait to see some more!



Below you can find a range of writing activities you can do with your child at any point during the day/week. Feel free to complete as many or little as you feel is appropriate for your child. These can be completed in their lined exercise book or on their own paper! Don't forget to email any work over your child is proud of. I can't wait to read some of their writing!


  • Plant your own flower/plant - Keep a plant diary and update this every day with any changes noticeable, what you have done to the plant (watered etc,) and a drawing of the plant.
  • Can you make your own pair of sunglasses? - You will need to test some materials to see what will be the most suitable material for the lenses. You will need to carry out a fair test and end with a conclusion before finally making your glasses. You could even then create a poster to advertise your new sunglasses?
  • Draw around your body on a large roll of paper or the back of a roll of old wall paper. Can you then name as many parts of the body as you can? Maybe you could have a race with another family member. 

Whizz Pop Bang


Whizz Pop Bang is a great Science resource that is offering free activities for you to do at home! Find below some examples of fantastic hands-on experiments which you could do at home:

 ._Sensational Scientist Agnes Arber text.pdfDownload
 ._Yr3 AGNES ARBER Answers.pdfDownload
 ._Yr3 AGNES ARBER Questions.pdfDownload
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Our current topic this half term is the amazing 'Anglo-Saxons'. 

Take a look below at some fun and fantastic ideas of tasks you could do at home linking to our current learning. 


Suggested Websites

Twinkl - www.twinkl.co.uk/offer - Here you can find printable resources for all areas of the curriculum. For free access during the school closure create and account and use the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS


Top marks - www.topmarks.co.uk - This is a free site that you can find online games and resources linked to most areas. Year 3 particularly enjoy the hit the button times table game. 


BBC Bitesize - www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize - This website changes daily to offer support and resources throughout the next few weeks/months. On here you can find a range of activities and games for all areas of the curriculum including spelling, punctuation, maths and science. 


Pobble 365 - www.pobble365.com - This is a free website that the children are familiar with that as a school we feel is a good resource for the children to practise and keep on top of their reading, comprehension and writing skills. Nothing needs to be printed for this, but they can use their lined exercise book to complete the tasks. (This is a website that has a new picture/activity for every day of the year).


Times Table Rockstars - www.ttrockstars.co.uk - On this website the children have there own log in and can practise the times tables that has been set for them from their teacher. The children enjoy this as they can also compete against eachother. If you can't remember your child's log in details then please just email me and I can send you them :) 


Below I have attached a home learning booklet that you might find useful if you have a printer at home :) 


If you would like to email me at kvickers@holyfamilyleeds.co.uk with any work/creations you have made then please do. I would love to see what wonderful things you have all been getting up to at home! These will then be added to the school website so all your friends can see :)  

I hope to see you all soon!

Mrs Simpson