Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

Welcome to Year Four!


  Miss Nicholson and Mrs Woolley welcome you to Year 4!

We are very excited to have lots of fun this year whilst working very hard of course.

Monday 8th July

English- Poetry

In English, we have been writing poems about rainforest animals based on The Tyger by William Blake. We watched some videos of Micheal Rosen to pick up some tips on how to perform poems and short stories. We then performed our poems to the rest of the class. 

Wednesday 3rd July

P.E- Leeds Rhinos

Wednesday was a very exciting day because 2 Leeds Rhinos players (Hurrell and Dwyer) came into school along with their media team! First, we took part in a warm-up. Next, we took part in 5 different races: relay, space hopper, egg and spoon, obstacle and over under. At the end of the day, we had a question and answer session, the players even signed our tops!!!

Friday 28th June

Geography/ English

 During a topic lesson last week, we watched an amazing BBC documentary about an International Animal Rescue Centre in Borneo set up to try and save orang-utans from becoming extinct. We were shocked and horrified about the impact palm oil, deforestation and keeping animals as pets is having on orang-utans in Borneo. We decided to write persuasive letters to encourage people to help the crisis.

Tuesday 25th June

Flamingo Land- Rainforests


 In class, we have been learning about Rainforests. Yesterday, we had an amazing visit to Flamingo Land, in Malton. We took part in a workshop where we had the opportunity to learn about and handle different rainforest creatures. After lunch,  we explored the zoo to find different rainforest animals such as tigers and exotic birds. 

My Favourite part of the trip was when we went off in groups to search for different animals- Olivia W

I really enjoyed holding the stick insect because that was probably the only chance i'll have to see them- Filip

My best part of the trip was the Sea Lion Show. I enjoyed the Sea Lion Show because the tricks that they performed were so amazing and breathtaking- Charlie T

My favourite part of the school trip was seeing the tiger tug on his food- Sarah

I best part was seeing the penguins because they were cute- Harry

My favourite part was everything, I loved getting closer to my class by spending time together- Olivia Ann

My favourite part was seeing the tenrec sleep in the zoo keeper's hand. The tenrec had spikes on its back and when it gets mad, these spikes go up- Charlize. 

I enjoyed watching the Sea Lion show. The best bit was when the sea lion hit the red ball and splashed us all- Lexie. 

Monday 17th June

Healthy Week- Armley Tennis Club

 What a great start to Healthy Week! Today, we joined Year 3 and went on a trip to Armley Tennis Club. We were split into 3 groups and learned lots of new skills before getting to have a go at having mini matches over the big nets.

We are now really excited for the rest of Healthy Week. Make sure you keeping checking the PE tab on the website for more pictures.

Friday 14th June

Geography- All Around the World

Today, we were identifying the position and significance of the Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. We chose one of the countries located in the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere and Equator and then used atlases to research key information about them. 

Tuesday 14th May

P.E- Athletics

This half-term, our P.E focus is Athletics. Today, we were learning how long jump successfully. We had to remember to: bend our knees, push with quadriceps, swing our arms, look forwards and finally, bend our knees on landing. It was a lot to remember!!

Thursday 9th May


 In R.E, we read a story about a man called Saul. Saul made a lot of bad choices and didn't lead a life that was pleasing to God. However, Jesus spoke to Saul and he decided to change his ways. Saul was baptised immediately and changed his name to Paul. We imagined that we were Paul and we were going to see Peter and the Apostles for the first time. We prepared speeches on what we would say.

Tuesday 7th May

R.E/ Art

 The Holy Spirit is very important because it gives us the strength and courage to share God's message. Today, we were looking at different symbols that are used to represent the Holy Spirit and what these symbols actually mean. We created pieces of artwork using chalk and oil pastels to demonstrate our understanding.

Wednesday 1st May

Year 4 Class Assembly

Mary our Mother

 Today, was our Class Assembly. We themed our Class Assembly about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, because during May we think about Mary and we try to live like her.

Did you watch our Assembly?  

We hope we  INSPIRED you to be like Mary and respond YES to what God asks of you. God didn't force Mary to say ‘yes’ and we don't have to say ‘yes’ to people who ask us to help them. But Mary did say ‘yes’ and the world is different.  Our ‘yes’ can make a world of difference too.

 Are you ready and willing to say ‘yes’ to doing good today?

Thursday 25th April


This half-term, our science topic is, 'Animals including Humans.' We will be learning all about the digestive system. Today, we learned that animals (including humans) cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat. We need to eat different types of food so that our bodies get sufficient nutrients for growth and repair and as a source of energy. During today's lesson we learned exactly what happens to food after we have eaten in, in a very fun way.

Thursday 18th April and Tuesday 23rd April

Resurrection Rock

 For weeks, we have been working really hard with Year 3 to put together an Easter Liturgy. On Maundy Thursday, we performed our Easter Liturgy up to Jesus dying on the cross and left the audience feeling very sad. We cheered them up the following Tuesday when we performed the whole story, right up to Jesus rising from the dead and surprising his Disciples. We should be very proud of ourselves as our reading, acting, singing and dancing were AMAZING!

Wednesday 17th April


Year 4 enjoyed learning about French traditions relating to Easter. We studied an Easter poem and wrote our own versions.

Joyeuses Pâques à tous!!!

Monday 15th April

Physical Activity

In Year 4, our aim is to reach 30 minutes of physical activity each day (not including break and lunch times). We are trying different things in order to meet this target. Today, we finished our lesson 5 minutes early and did some dancing!


27th March

Class Visit to Temple Newsam

Do you think we look like real Tudors?

I enjoyed it when we sat down in the Great Hall and we re-enacted a timeline. It was about the different people that have owned Temple Newsam over the last 500 years- Charlie T

I loved it when we got dressed up like Tudors. I wore a blue costume with diamonds on it. It made me feel excited.- Oliva Ann

My favourite part was when we made Tudor portraits. We made the portraits out of different materials, cloth, string, wool, feathers etc..It was called a collage. - Igor

I liked it when we smelt the chemicals of a Tudor street. It stunk, every time someone took a sniff, they had to take a step back because they felt sick! -Maya

7th March

World Book Day

Have a look below at our fantastic World Book Day costumes.

26th February


After months of hard work and preparation, today we took part in a skipping competition at Mount St Marys. We all did really well and are very proud of ourselves.

I enjoyed the skipping competition because I beat my high score for the Pretzel- Harry

I liked the skipping competition because when I was performing the Double Bounce, everyone was encouraging me by cheering me on.- Lexie.

I enjoyed the skipping competition because I thought everyone did really well during the skip dance.- Charlize.

14th February


Joyeuse La Saint Valentin!

We had lots of fun today making St Valentine's cards.

10th  February


We have been learning how to say the names of zoo animals.We read the story 'Au Zoo' and made triarama zoo scenes .We wrote simple sentences describing the animals using adjectives.Here are some photos.

8th February

Topic/ Art

  Today, we worked on our drawing skills to create these sketches of Henry VIII

5th February

English/ History/ Art

 In English, we have been learning how to write newspaper reports. Because we have been learning about the Tudors, we wrote newspaper reports all about the Battle of Bosworth. The Battle of Bosworth was between Richard III (a Yorkist King) and Henry Tudor (another claim to the English throne), it brought about the end of The War of the Roses which had been raging throughout England for over 30 years.

We were extremely lucky as we had a visit from Henry Tudor himself! We interviewed him, then used his responses in our reports.

We also painted Tudor Roses to remind us about what happened after the Battle. Richard III died and Henry Tudor of the House of Lancaster was now King Henry VII. He united the Red Roses and the White Roses by marrying Elizabeth of York.

29th January


In Maths, we have been using different equipment to help us develop our reasoning skills. Today, we were given a fraction of an amount and we had to find the original number. We had fun using counters to help us to prove our answers.

21st January

Science/ P.E

 In Science, we are learning about electricity. Today, we modelled the flow of electricity in a circuit to help us understand what is happening in a circuit. Markh pretended to be the cell- he created the push. Once the circuit was fully connected, electrons (foam balls) moved around the circuit. Immediately, the light bulb lit up. We learned that, however large the circuit, the bulb will light instantly as there is an electron right next to it; it does not have to wait for the electricity to get to it as the electricity is the movement of electrons.

18th December

R.E/ Art

Before we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, it is important for us to have some knowledge of the Trinity in order to grasp that in Jesus, God comes to earth and that he is truly and Fully God in human form.

In today's R.E lesson, we compared different artistic interpretations of the Holy Trinity. We then imagined that we worked in an art gallery and wrote descriptions that could be displayed with each piece of artwork.


WC 26th November

Faith through Art week

This week, our lessons have been a bit different because we have been learning all about the Hindu Faith. We started the week of by reading and discussing the, 'How to be Good Code,' published in a children's Hindu magazine. We looked at the values and created a pyramid with the value we agreed with the most at the top- we realised there are a lot of Hindu values that are very similar to Catholic values. We had fun creating a, 'How to be Naughty,' list to enable us the gain a deeper understanding of how Hindus live their lives.

We week has been full of other exciting activities. We have:

  • Made traditional Hindu bread.
  • Visited a Hindu temple.
  • Eaten a Hindu feast.
  • Learned about how Hindus celebrate Diwali.
  • Learned about the Hindu Creation Story.
  • Used water colour pencils to create images of Brahma. 

19th November


This half-term, our science topic is sound. We will be developing our vocabulary for describing sounds and identifying different sound sources. When working scientifically, we will look for patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it. We will also explore the pitch of a sound and ways in which it can be changed.

During today's lesson, we used ear gongs to investigate the statement, 'Is it harder to hear with your fingers in your ears?' We used our findings to make judgements on how we feel sound travels best.


22nd October- 26th October


This week, some of our lessons have been a little bit different because it has been Forest Week. We  have had a great time using local woodland areas to work on our cooperation and problem-solving skills, as well as, building our confidence and self-esteem. Have a look at some of our pictures from Fanwood Scout Camp and Swillington Organic Farm.

WC 15th October 2018

History/ English

This half-term, our history topic is the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, we have particularly enjoyed learning about Anglo-Saxon and Viking rulers. In English, we have been learning about how to write a biography so we decided to link this learning with our topic and write a biography about King Alfred the Great. Have a look below at the impressive writing that we produced.

September 2018


This year, we will be working really hard to improve our spelling. We will be using lots of different strategies such as rainbow letters, spelling pyramids, making words into pictures, bubble writing and many more! Look below to find pictures of us practicing our spellings, as well as, an image of all the words we need to know by the end of Year 4!