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Supporting Learning at Home


If you find your household needing to isolate at home then please get in touch so I can help you with learning at home.


 Phonics Activities

https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ is a fantastic site full of loads of great games to try.

https://phonicsplaycomics.co.uk/ this website is great for reading and has different comics for all of the sounds.  A quick read of one of these is a great idea.

Don't forget that Alphablocks on cbeebies https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/alphablocks is also great fun to watch.

Below is a game of all of the tricky words.  Remember- they are tricky because you can't sound them out!

Maths Activities

Maths can be supported at home in so many different ways. You can count how many times stand up and sit down in a minute, try counting to 100 or count toys such as Lego or blocks.

In class we use the Part-Whole Model to help with our understanding of numbers.  You could draw the Part-Whole Model and find all of the parts of different numbers.

We also use Tens Frames to help us with our learning in school.  You can make these on the carpet using tape or string and then make numbers.  They are also really helpful when learning how to count in 10s.