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To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

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Reception Catholic Life and Mission


Tuesday 24th October 2023

This morning in Early Years we held our Halloween Stay and Play. Our parents were invited into school for the opportunity to play and socialise together with their children through a range of different activities set out within the areas.
Our children and parents had a fantastic time exploring all the activities available and it was great to see so many parents attending our stay and play session.

Monday 9th October 2023

 Here are just some of our Reception children who have kindly donated food to be sent to the Leeds homeless street Aid.

Friday 29th September 2023

This week at Holy Family our Live Simply children have been coming around school selling paper lightbulbs to help raise funds for new lighting at Holy Family Church. We are hopefully going to sell enough lightbulbs to enable us to do a paper chain around the full school hall

Thursday 21st September 2023

Today in RE we talked about how we can keep God’s world clean and tidy by picking up rubbish off the floor and putting it into the bin. We also talked about the different rubbish and which materials are recyclable and non-recyclable.

Reception class then went for a walk around school and helped keep God’s world clean by picking up any rubbish we found. As we went around school we sang a song to help us

“We are litter picking, we are litter picking, keep God’s world clean, keep God’s world clean”

Thursday 14th September 2023

Today in Reception class we learnt all about the Creation Story, we talked about how God created the world-Darkness, light, the land, the sea, animals and Adam.

The children then explored the tuff tray during free flow play recreating the Creation Story with their friends.

The lion lives on the grass at the zoo” Elijah

The whale lives in the water” Daniel

Monday 11th September 2023

Today while the children were playing they found a spider crawling across the floor, we carefully placed the spider into a box and talked about how we must be careful and kind to the spider as it is one of Gods creatures. 
We discussed how we must look after all the creatures we find as they are all a part of Gods world.

Friday 8th September 2023

This week we have been settling into our new class and making lots of new friends. We have been helping The Worry Monster learn all about our class virtue ‘Kindness’

We have talked about what kindness means and how we can show kindness.

”To share with our friends” Zara

“Be kind” Joseph

”Kind hands” Elijah

The children then each coloured in a heart full of kindness to add to our ‘tree of kindness’ which helps us to remember to be kind to all those around us.

Thursday 7th September 2023

This week in RE we have been learning and talking about our class altar. We have talked about what the altar is for and the different things we place on the alter.

”The green cloth because we are in ordinary time” Zara

”A cross because Jesus died on the cross.” Alan

”A candle because Jesus is the light of the world” Alexander

“The bible tells us stories about Jesus”  Joseph

The children decided to take turns to dress the altar during free flow play and were able to talk about the different items they were placing on it. 

Alexander was playing in the play dough area when he came over to Mrs AbrahamsLook I’ve made a candle for Jesus because he’s the light of the world”.

Monday 18th July 2023

This afternoon Reception and Year 6 celebrated their Graduation together,We went into the hall and sat with our buddies before getting up together and receiving a certificate.

We then listened to them tell us about what they have enjoyed about being our buddies and we gave them a picture we had drawn for them.

The children then sat together and enjoyed a slice of cake and a cup of juice.

Tuesday 10th July 2023

Today at Holy Family we celebrated Mission Day! We did lots of different activities throughout the day relating to our school mission:

To Work, To Pray, To Play in the Light of the Lord’

We started our morning by joining the rest of the school for worship assembly to introduce mission day and what our mission means and talk about the different ways we follow our mission.

Reception class then partnered up with Year 5 children to work together on solving different clues to find letters which then spelt out the phrase Persevere with God’ 

The children then made pictures showing what they thought love meant.

After snack time we joined Year 5 on the Muga pitch to play some games, working together and showing kindness to our friends.

After lunch we joined the carpet to pray together remembering how Jesus carried his cross to take away our sins and hurt. The cross symbolises love, hope, joy, peace and strength. 

Reception then spent some time decorating our own crosses and talked about how our crosses can remind us that we can always turn to God if things get hard and how he is always here for us.

God is the light of the world’ Simer

’Jesus died on the cross’ Martha

We then rejoined the school in the hall where we held our crosses up high and had a procession around school showing our love for Jesus, when we got back into the hall we placed our crosses on to the alter to be blessed by Father Neil. 

Our school mission day finished by taking home one of the love pictures created during the day by our friends to remind us we are all loved and we are all apart of one big family.

 Wednesday 24th May 2023

Today while playing outside some children found a ladybird in the grass, The children took turns to let the ladybird crawl on their hands.

”Why are you being gentle with the ladybird?” Miss Marshall

“Because we have to be gentle” Alfie.S

“Because it is only little and we don’t want to hurt it.” Amara

“We have to look after Gods creatures” Matthias

We then talked about how we have to all help look after God’s creatures and help them to stay safe. 

 Friday 12th May 2023

This week in RE we have been learning all about The Ascension.

”What is the Ascension?” Miss Marshall 

”Jesus went into the clouds to Heaven” Alfie.S

”Jesus went to Heaven to see his father, the disciples were sad.” Matthias

”He got up in the sky to see his dad” Anna

”He floated up to Heaven” Martha

Some children enjoyed retelling the story to their dollies using the alter as a stage.

Thursday 20th April 2023

Today in Reception class we are learning all about Earth Day. The children sat on the carpet and talked about the different ways we can look after Gods World:

  • picking up rubbish
  • recycling-putting paper in the recycle bin
  • using reusable items such as shopping bags and water bottles
  • riding a bike to school

As a class we then went for a walk outside in the playgrounds to look for any rubbish we could pick up to keep our world clean and tidy.

When we got back to class we then got busy with lots of activities thinking about how to look after Gods World.

Thursday 6th April 2023

This afternoon Nursery and Reception class visited the stations of the cross which retell the story of Jesus’ passion  through images, prayers and reflection.


After visiting the stations of the cross Nathaniel found a palm leaf in the outdoor area and came to show me he was waving the palm leaf for Jesus.

Wednesday 5th April 2023

Today in Early Years we hosted our Easter Stay and Play. We invited our parents in to play with their children and explore the different activities available. 

During Stay and Play the children had a very special visit from the Easter Bunny who brought lots of chocolate eggs with him.

Tuesday 28th March 2023

Last week in Reception class we were learning all about the Easter Story in our RE lesson. This weekend Martha visited soft play with her dad and as she was playing she asked him to take a picture of her.

Martha as Jesus laid in the tomb

’Martha in the tomb with the boulder as the door of the cave’

Week Commencing

Monday 6th March 2023

This week in Foundation Stage we have been selling toast to the rest of the school to help raise funds for different charities.

In total we have raised an amazing £66.20!

Friday 3rd March 2023

During Lent this year Holy Family are taking part in ‘The Big Lent Walk’ raising funds for CAFOD. Each class will go out for a walk in the community visiting different locations to help contribute to our total of 200km in 40days.

Today children in Reception class partnered up with their buddies from Year 6 and went for a walk at Pugneys Country Park. The children had a fantastic morning and had a lovely walk around the lake.

Friday 24th February 2023

During lunchtime today we took the children over to play on the Muga Pitch, Some children noticed all the rubbish blowing around in the wind so Miss Marshall went and got a bin bag to put all the rubbish in. Together we all helped to pick up the rubbish and we talked about how we were helping to keep God’s World clean and tidy by doing so. 

Thursday 23rd February 2023

Reception class have been talking about different ways we can show kindness to our friends. Some children gave a thank you card to their friends, some filled a cup with happiness and some children were seen helping their friends who needed a little bit of help.

Matthias gave Nathaniel a thank you card because..Nathaniel plays football with me”

Emily gave Anna a cup filled with happiness because..”She is my best friend and I love her”

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

This morning we walked down to church with our buddies to celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass which marks the first day of Lent.

“What did you do at church this morning?” Miss Marshall

”We celebrated Ash Wednesday” Anna

”We said some prayers” Eduard

”Father Neil put the sign of the cross on my head” Alfie

When we got back to school after Mass our Prayer table monitors changed our cloth to purple to reflect the start of Lent.

Tuesday 21st February 2023

Today in Reception class we have been celebrating Shrove Tuesday also known as Pancake Day which is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent.

The children listened to Miss Brown tell the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ they then talked about the ingredients needed before working together to write a recipe. In the afternoon the children enjoyed tasting some pancakes and chose their own topping.


Wednesday 8th February 2023

This morning in Early Years we held our Valentines Stay and Play session. Our parents were invited into school for the opportunity to play and socialise together with their children through a range of different activities set out within the areas. 

On arrival into school the parents were invited into the library where they had a group session with the lovely Joey from MindMate who gave discussion on emotional well-being and mental health and the support that is available.

The children had a fantastic time playing and exploring all the different activities we had on offer and it was lovely to see so many of our parents join us for this morning’s stay and play session.

Friday 3rd February 2023

Today is Virtues Day and in Reception we have being looking at kindness and what it means to be kind.


”How can we show kindness?” Miss Marshall

“Sharing toys” Eliana

”Being nice to each other” Anna

”Playing together” Gabriel

”Sharing books” Aros


 Wednesday 1st February 2023

Today in Reception we have spent some time together with our buddies from Year 6. We have been sharing our toys and learning new games. 

”What have you enjoyed doing today with your buddy?” Miss Marshall

”Building towers with the bricks” Dayan 

”She makes me happy” Samuel

”Playing in the sand area” Eliana

”He helped me play on the bikes” Amara

Wednesday 1st February 2023

In Reception Class we have chosen 2 children to be our Prayer Table Monitors. These children will help look after our class prayer table. 
The green cloth is to show ordinary time” Matthias

”The candle shows that Jesus is the light of the world” Anna

Wednesday 16th November 2022

 This morning, we headed down to Church with our buddies for Mass with Fr Neil. The Year 6 children read beautifully and Reception were so well behaved : )