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At Holy Family, it is our intent that writing across the curriculum will inspire, engage and challenge all pupils, enabling them to develop the skills to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas and emotions to others. We aim to build pupils’ stamina for writing, vocabulary acquisition and understanding of grammar using a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) for a range of text types (including areas of fiction, non-fiction and poetry).

We recognise the importance of fostering a culture where pupils take pride in their writing, write clearly and accurately and modify their structure and language choices to suit a variety of audiences, purposes and contexts.

To support pupils in moving towards independent writing at the age-related standard, we provide a range of stimuli including film, imagery, modelled, shared and guided writing, peer marking and group discussion. These support pupils in becoming confident and enthusiastic learners. Writing will equip pupils at Holy Family with the necessary tools to write effectively and provide them with the skills to become lifelong creative writers.

Progression documents

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Underpinning our English curriculum is the desire to foster a life-long love for reading in all our children, and we place the skill of reading at our core. Our collective aim is to develop avid, fluent readers who can understand, access and appreciate high-quality texts seeking to read for pleasure and not solely for purpose. Through providing carefully planned, sequential and meaningful reading experiences and opportunities, our intent is to not only inspire and stimulate the imaginations of the children we teach, but also to enhance their knowledge of the world in which they live thus enabling them to thrive in the next phase of their education and beyond. 

Progression documents

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