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Year 5 Catholic Life and Mission


16th October - RESPECT Acrostic Poem 

Meron created a beautiful 'Respect' poem at home to highlight the importance of our class virtue and how we can put our virtue into practice. 

9th October - Respect Prayer

Ariam wrote a beautiful prayer at home linked to our class virtue of respect. 

4th October - Harvest Festival Help

Some children in Year 5 have brought in tins and packets of food to help out with our harvest fundraising!

27th September - Virtue logo designs 'RESPECT'

We have been super excited to design a logo to represent our class virtue. We began by thinking about the things we need to respect and the people we need to show respect too. 

The winner will have their logo made and displayed around school 

19th September - KS2 Singing Practise 

Listen to our beautiful singing voices! Singing makes us feel happy at the start of the day.

15th September - St Vincent de Paul 

Some of our Mini-Vinnies did some extra work at home by researching St Vincent de Paul and finding out about the amazing work he did. 

12th September - Meet our Mini Vinnies

Today our Year 5 Mini Vinnies pledged to do good deeds and follow in the footsteps of St Vincent de Paul. 

6th September - Class Virtue

We began the afternoon by going on letter hunt to identify our class virtue.

Our Class virtue is...

We created our very own respect key ring to put on our bag or pencil case!

How we will grow RESPECT!


10/7/23-Mission Day

Today we joined with Reception Class to celebrate Mission Day. We did a scavenger hunt to search for letters that we turn had to unscramble. They spelled out ‘Persevere with God’. We also played some games with our buddies and had lots of fun. We also decorated some crosses which were later blessed by Father Neil.

20/3/23-RE lesson: The Transforming Spirit

We have read the story of Pentecost in class. We looked at different pieces of famous art based on Pentecost and discussed the symbolism used. We wrote our thoughts down and added them to our RE display in class.

9/3/23 - Year 5 Lenten Walk

Today we went to Roundhay park and walked 3km around the lake to contribute towards the money that has been raised by the whole school for CAFOD.

22/2/23- Ash Wednesday Mass

Year 5 led the whole school, as well as members of the parish, in Ash Wednesday mass. We did readings and bidding prayers and performed a liturgical dance to the song ‘Father I have sinned’. We also supported our buddies from Year 1 during mass.

3/2/23 - Virtues day

Year 5 were given respect as their Virtue for the day. We discussed different ways that we can show respect and how it makes us feel to be respected. We did lots of role play in groups to show each other how to be respectful and we made some beautiful artwork.

23/11/22 - Year 5 & 1 attended Mass with Father Neil at Church.