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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page. We are looking forward to having a successful year, working hard on lots of different projects across school and representing the viewpoints of our classmates. Please check in regularly to get an update of what we have been up to!

Our school councilors were awarded badges to wear on their uniform and a certificate to congratulate them on being chosen.

Each year group was then given a notepad which they can use to collect pupil voice and to jot down ideas during meetings.

Our school council meet 1-2 times a term and discuss any matters or issues which may affect the children and their learning that have been brought up in class discussions or as anonymous suggestions. 

The council comprises of 2 children from each class who nominated their self and presented a speech to their class explaining why they should be chosen as a school council member. The rest of the class then made an anonymous vote each and the girl and boy with the most votes were chosen. 

Have a read of some of our amazing activities!

As part of Advent the school council worked together with the Mini Vinnies & Live Simply to raise some money for a local homeless charity that our lovely TA, Mrs Angstmann volunteers for.

Each class was given the task to create their own Christmas decoration/item to then sell to their parents/family at our upcoming Christmas fayre.

The children did a fabulous job and created some wonderful personalised items which included baubles, decorated glass jars, wrapping paper, gift tags and more.

Take a look below.

In total we raised an amazing £84.36! Thank you to all the parents/families that bought your child’s items.

Some of the school council/live simply children were then tasked with going to the shops to buy some items they thought homeless charities would benefit from. They decided on water bottles, hot drink flasks, blankets and more!

As part of Parliament week school council from years 3-6 were invited on a special trip to the Houses of Parliament in London to have a tour and learn all about what goes on. The children had an amazing time learning about what happens in each room, the different between the house of commons and the house of lords and what some of the things around the building were used for.

The children asked lots of interesting questions to help us gain a better understanding and the different things that happen there and it was a super trip! Have a look below at some of our pictures.