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Welcome to Reception with Miss James, Mrs Gibbons, Miss Charlesworth, Mrs Rees and our wonderful children.

December 2021 

This month has been extremely busy in school.  

December is the most important time in our Liturgical year as we are preparing for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. 

We decorated our classroom with lots of festive decorations and made it look spectacular. We also made a really beautiful Advent wreath. We talked about the different candles around the wreath and what they represent. 

We have spent much of this month preparing our Foundation Stage Nativity to share with you all. This has helped us thoroughly understand the true meaning of Christmas. 

We will share a video of our Nativity with you very soon.

November 2021 

We have been learning lots of things all about number this half term. We linked this to our Bonfire Night learning theme. We particularly enjoyed making firework pattern pictures using tubes.

We discussed different coloured and how they can create repeating patterns. We even added some glitter to make them super sparkly.

We thoroughly enjoyed our special treat we had in school. We toasted marshmallows on our small fire in the Forest School area. We also enjoyed some hot chocolate and delicious hot dogs on Bonfire Night. 

WC 4th October 2021 - FOREST WEEK

 We have thoroughly enjoyed this week both in school and on our external visits.

 We visited This Green Moon on Monday and found lots of special animals and creatures living in the woods. We found a really special friend called Piggy the squirrel. We called his name lots of times and he appeared behind a gigantic tree. We also enjoyed roasting marshmallows around the fire. 


Later on in the week, we enjoyed a second outdoor visit to Middleton Park. We found lots of natural treasure such as leaves, sticks and stones.


Whilst we were at Middleton Park, we also found a really special broken key so... the adventure began! 

 We decided that we believe the key belongs to the Gruffalo. We tiptoed around the park in search of the Gruffalo. He was nowhere to be seen. When we returned to school, we made him some food to see if we could encourage him to come out from wherever he was hiding. We made him a special Gruffalo crumble. We added: 

10 sticks

10 stones

10 leaves

10 marshmallows

10 feathers

We counted the items as we added them to the crumble to ensure that we had enough. We really enjoyed this activity. We then added some of our own items to the crumble in outdoor provision. 

We then created our own versions of a Gruffalo crumble the next day. We finished the week off by making special houses for the Gruffalo. We checked to see if the key would fit inside any of the houses. Unfortunately, it didn't and so... our search continues! What an amazing, action-packed week we have had. 

WC 27th September 2021

We have been learning lots about Jesus in our RE lessons alongside our short Collective Worship sessions. We begin by singing our song, joining the circle and joining our hands together. We enjoy this quiet time and use the opportunities to talk to Jesus. 


This week, we have been focusing upon numbers. We have been looking at the counting principles and how confident we are with these. We were given a number between 1 and 10 in pairs. We then found the relevant number of objects from around the classroom to represent our given numbers. We then worked as a whole class to place the numbers and groups of objects into the correct order. We are enjoying watching Numberblocks videos in school to support our maths learning. 

WC 20th September 2021

We have been recapping phase 1 phonics since September and have enjoyed investigating sounds. We are all becoming super confident when using our listening skills to hear sounds and noises. We have been playing really nicely with our friends this week. We have taken part in lots of circle time activities to help us be kind to others and model good behaviour. 

WC 13th September 2021

We have all settled well in our classroom. We have welcomed our new friends and put a big smile on their faces. Reception Class is such a wonderful place to be. Have a look at some of the wonderful things we have been up to this week.