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To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

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Year 4 Catholic Life and Mission

11th May- First Holy Communion

We want to say a huge congratulations to all our children in Year 4 who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday. It was a beautiful mass and the children were all very brave and looked amazing!

1st May - May Procession 

Miss Wharton and Mrs Archdale want to say a big thank you to all our families who generously bought flowers for our May Procession. 

30th April Diocesan Choir

We have two new singing superstars this week. Mr. Tilling was especially impressed with these girls today.

Prayer Card 

Montana brought in a beautiful prayer card for our class prayer table from when she visited St Winefride's Well in Wales. We love how the prayer incorporates our school mission statement of working, playing and praying together. 

Resurrection Rocks

Today, Year 4 performed a very thought-provoking performance to retell the events of Holy Week leading up to Good Friday. They did an amazing job!

Lenten Fundraising 

Year 3 and 4 are selling buns this week to help raise money for our Lenten Fundraising. 

Station Five

We visited Station Five and reflected on how Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus and how we can help others.

Stations of the Cross

We visited the first four stations and thought about how Jesus felt and what he might have said. We spent a moment with Jesus and God.

Those who are first will be last...

Mason was thinking of others today and said he was doing his Advent promise by putting other people first. Even though he was near the front of the line he stood and waited for his friends to go into class first.

Getting Ready for Advent

Our class Chaplaincy Team Members prepared the altar in our class for the season of Advent and did a great job.

Caring for our world

Lola spent her break picking up litter in the playground and said that she was doing it to keep God's world tidy. Thank you Lola!

Our class assembly

From our lessons about the Bible we noticed that there were lots of parables in St. Luke's Gospel. As it was his feast day on the 18th October we created an assembly to show how important St. Luke was.


Congratulations to this week's singing superstars! Our singing teacher from the Diocese of Leeds Music Programme was especially impressed with the efforts of these children today. 

Looking after God’s world.

The girls asked if they could do some weeding around our stones so that they were clear for everyone to see.

As a class we were talking about the importance of good attendance and how sometimes we may have to come to school when we are not feeling up to it. A lovely comment was made by a child in class, "God gives his toughest challenges to his strongest warriors." 

After our Wednesday Worship at break, Mr. Biedka was kindly offered a crisp with the comment, “Have a crisp because our mission was to share food with others and for people in need.”

Some children spent some time in our reflection corner today thinking about the class virtue and the story of Abraham.

Our class virtue is Faith

We learnt lots about our class virtue and created key rings to remind us of it every day.

Monday 10th July - Mission Day 

After assembly this morning with Mr Biedka, Year 4 thought about our mission ‘To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord’ and spent some time playing with the younger ones in our school. They also spent time praying to God and thinking about ways that they could work together. 


Wednesday 24th May - Good Shepherd
Year 4 were very proud to be asked to sing at Leeds Cathedral during the Good Shepherd service led by Bishop Marcus Stock. 

Monday 17th April - Resurrection Rocks  

Today, year 3 and 4 performed Resurrection Rocks to the school and to their parents to retell the Easter story. 

Monday 20th March - Lenten Walk 

Today, Year 4 did their Lenten walk around Golden Acre Park and learnt about some of the different species that live in the park. 

Wednesday 8th March - Mass 

Today year 3 and 4 went to church to celebrate mass with Father Neil. Some of the year 4 children lead the mass through readings and bidding prayers. 

Monday 27th February

Today we visited the 5th Station of the Cross. When Jesus felt burdened, his friend Simon of Cyrene helped him carry his cross. We thought about ways that we have shown friendship like Simon of Cyrene and how we have helped others carry their cross. 

 Monday 6th February - Virtues Day

At Holy Family we had virtues day where the whole school celebrated and learnt about the different virtues. Year 4 have the virtue faith and were asked to write down what faith meant to them. 

1st February - Queen Elizabeth 

Year 4 learnt about the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth and responded by writing lovely things about the Queen and writing prayers for our queen in heaven. 

7th December - Year 4 and Year 2

Someone very naughty joined us at Church today!