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Welcome to our Year 6 class page!

 Our teachers are: Miss Nicholson and Mrs Flanagan

We also have Mrs Bascombe to support us in class too.

Keep checking here to find out what we have been learning in our lessons.

Healthy week 20-24th June 2022

 What a fantastic Healthy Week we have had this week. There has been many different exciting activities that we have taken part in like: NERF, football shooting, sports day, Tae Kwando skipping, yoga and basketball. A huge thank you to Miss Doherty and Mr Waddingham for organising such a fab week! Here are some photos of us:

Friday 20th May 2022

Today, we enjoyed our class reward of a trip to Flamingo Land for our determination and perseverance during SATs week. We had an amazing time, testing and challenging ourselves to go on the 'thrill' rides! Which of us do you think screamed our heads off?! Here are some photos of us enjoying the thrills:

Friday 13th May 2022

To end our SATs week, we had a lovely afternoon celebrating Miss James and giving her a fantastic Holy Family send off. We had a party in the hall and had food and party games! We will miss her lots. Here are some photos of us having fun:

Easter Egg Hunt: Wednesday 13th April 2022

This afternoon, our Reception buddies visited us and we helped them find all of the hidden eggs around our school. Once we had found an egg we then swapped it for a real chocolate egg! We had lots of fun and couldn't wait to eat the chocolate! Here we are:

Tagtiv8 taster: 9th March 2022

This afternoon, we had a taster session of the Tagtiv8 which is all about the different ways that we can get physical and active during our lessons:


Network Rail assembly: 8th March 2022

This afternoon, we had a visit from  Sophie Evans at Leeds United Foundation. She came to speak to us about being safe around railway lines and told us some interesting facts: Did you know that a train can weigh approximately the same as 80 elephants or that they can take 20 football pitch lengths to stop?!

Cross Country: 5th March 2022

A huge well done to Nathan who took part in cross country at the weekend. He was one of 120 year 5 and year 6 children who ran 1500m. Good job Nathan! 


Armley library visit: 4th March 2022

This afternoon, we visited Armley library for a session with one of the librarians there. She told us various ways in which different people use the library. She also taught us how books are organised including the Dewey decimal system for reference books. We chose 5 books to borrow on our class library card which we look forward to reading in class.

Potato competition entries: 2nd March 2022

Here are our entries for the design a potato book character. Which characters can you spot?


Active R.E: 1st March 2022

 This afternoon's R.E lesson involved us being active, having fun, collaborating in our pairs and learning outside our classroom! We went to the hall with the brief to answer this question: How do we know that Jesus is truly God and truly human? We had 8 Bible references that we needed to read to help us decide on the answer and why we thought that (what evidence did we have to reach that conclusion?) We had 2 rules: the Bible couldn't move and our books couldn't move! Here we are enjoying ourselves:


Fire pit: 28th February 2022

As part of World Book Week, we had a very special story time session at the fire pit where we enjoyed toasting marshmallows over the fire and drinking hot chocolate!


Buddy time: 18th February 2022

This afternoon, we spent some special time with our buddies from Reception. We played some Lent games and made some beautiful daffodils for Spring (although the weather isn't very Springlike today!). We had a lovely afternoon-some of us even taught our buddies how to use scissors correctly.


DT project: Food 16th and 17th December 2021

As part of our DT project, we had to design and make a main course meal which contained food from each of the food groups-therefore, our meals were healthy. All children created fantastic meals and really surprised themselves; they can actually cook! They all enjoyed the preparation and cooking and especially the eating! They were all super at helping tidy up and wash all of the equipment we had used too. Here are some pictures of us:


Treasure Hunt 14/12/21

This afternoon, we headed down to Jailey Field for the annual Christmas Treasure Hunt hosted by New Wortley Community Group. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows! What fun! Check out these photos:


Decorations day 1/12/21

This afternoon, we had lots of fun doing our Christmas activities. We made a card for our family and one for our buddy in Reception too. we made a cracker which will be filled with sweet treats and lots and lots and lots of paper chains to decorate our classrooms with. Our Christmas trees look lovely with the lights and tinsel on too. Here are some photographs:


Confirmation 27/11/21

A huge congratulations to the children who made their Confirmation last Saturday.

Here is a photograph of the children and their cake to celebrate their special event:


An afternoon with our buddies

This afternoon, we visited Reception! We had a lovely time working with our buddies and supporting them in some fabulous Halloween themed crafts. We were really mature and showed the little children how to behave. We had a great time!


FOREST WEEK Fanwood Scout Camp -8th October

What a fantastic day we had! We took part in fun activities such as bouldering, low ropes and bush-craft. We even got to light our very own fire and toast marshmallows! We worked amazingly well in our teams with  children from Year 3. We were super supportive of our young friends, encouraging them every step of the way. Here are some pictures:


FOREST WEEK This Green Moon- 7th October

What a fabulous time we had at This Green Moon! We made some amazing volcanoes out of materials that we had foraged for in the the forest. Some even looked like they had ash clouds above them and actual explosions! We created a mini version of Pompeii and nearby town, Herculaneum, which were destroyed in the famous eruption of 79AD. 'Mount Vesuvius' even erupted! Check out our photos:


R.E- 6th October

This afternoon, we learnt that the Holy Spirit gives us special gifts to share and spread to others. We looked at the Fruits of the Spirit and the virtues and thought about how we display these in our lives and make our contribution to the Kingdom of God. We did a treasure hunt around our classrooms to find key characteristics of each of the Fruits of the Spirit. 



 This half-term we are learning about The Circulatory System. We are learning about how the heart works, the main components of blood and the function of the different types of blood vessels. We are also learning  about how water is transported through the body and developing our understanding of the importance of water to human health.

Today, we made ‘blood soup’ as an illustrative practical activity to help us find out about how the different parts of blood enable it to carry oxygen, waste gases, nutrients and water. We then compiled a fact file. 


Mount St Mary's Taster morning - 29th September

 We had a great morning at Mount St Mary's High School where we took part in 3 different lessons as a taster of what they offer their students. Our fitness session in the gym made our hearts race when we had to complete 200m on the rowing machines for our team. Next, was Art and turning coffee splatters into monsters! Finally, was the library session in the former chapel.  What a fab school!

Herd Farm-  13th-15th September

 We had an amazing time at Herd Farm bonding with each other and trying new activities. We all pushed ourselves to our limits and feel very proud of our achievements.