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Year 5




Key Information for Parents:


PE - Monday and Friday (Children to attend school in PE kit)


Spellings - Tuesday 


Homework - Wednesday


We are looking forwards to a fantastic year!


Mr Waddingham


17.06.22 - Railway Art Project 


Year 5 took part in some Art where they helped to create a mural which will be placed at Bramley Station. The children learned about how Trains have changed over time and what the trains of the future might look like! Thank you to Karen who has delivered this project with the Artist, Han. 



27.05.22 - Platinum Jubilee Street Party 


The whole school enjoyed a street party as they celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We enjoyed some cake, jelly and ice cream as we watched some dancing and listened to music!


20.05.22 - Brownlee Triathlon Event


Year 5 were lucky enough to attend the Brownlee Triathlon event where they completed a mini-triathlon. Held at the John Charles Centre, they all completed a swim, bike and finally a run! They all had a fantastic time!



20.04.22 - Active Learning 


The children this week have been busy getting active while learning in English and Maths! In English, they explored the forbidden forest and used this to collect ideas for their writing. In Maths, we completed ordering challenges looking at angles! Being active while learning is important to us! 


19.04.22 - History Inspiration Day


The children started the term with a history filled day. They began by looking at different sources, showing what they already know and what they want to find out. We discussed what chronology is and learned where the earliest civilisations began linking to history we had already learned about.


The children were then researchers as they looked in detail at the Early civilisations and share their facts with the class.  

17.03.22 - Music


Year 5 have been enjoying Ukulele with Miss Wilde and have been using different chords to perform some of their favourite songs! Have a listen!


15.03.22 - Year 5 visit to Mount St Mary's Production


Year 5 were lucky enough to be invited to watch Mount St Mary's Production of 'We will Rock you'. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time and even sang along to songs they knew!


02.03.22 - Lent Mass Liturgical Dance


Year 5 (alongside Christ The King School) led the whole School Mass which included our Liturgical dance. The children all worked really hard on this and the whole school were really proud of the children!



01.03.22 - Geography (Rivers and Canals)


We started our new Geography topic looking at Rivers and Canals. We firstly learnt about the Water Cycle and created a 'Water Cycle in a Bag' which are hanging on the window for us to look back at next week. 


17.02.22 - Art (Painting with watercolours)


Year 5 have been using watercolours to create a colour wheel to explore mixing colours and how this can be used to show mood and tone. This will help us as we look at recreating a painting!



01.02.22 - Reading & Writing 


The children have enjoyed using the new outdoor areas to share the class book and using the fire pit to write instructions. They have then been active in class reading their instructions to other children to make sure they are in the correct sequence and clear. 

24.01.22 - Geo Dome Project (Geography)


The children helped plan and create part of the Geo Dome work which has been taking place in school this week. The learned about how to make strong structures and help to create the Geo Dome which will now be part of our school!


17.01.22 - PE (Gymnastics - Balance and Counter Balance)


The children started off their Gymnastics topic by creating different types of balances with a partner! Could you do these balances? 

14.01.22 - Castlerigg Manor RE Retreat


The children visited Castlerigg Manor as part of our RE Retreat. This was their opportunity to stay away from home, learn more about God and create memories with each other. All the children had a fantastic time and were a real credit to the school. We hope you enjoy looking back on our memories!


14.12.21 - Christmas Hunt with Wortley Community Centre 


Year 5 took part in a Christmas Treasure Hunt this morning. The children had to use a map to find all of the different Christmas items. The children were treated to a Hot chocolate and lots of treats when they finished! 



02.12.21 - Train Trip to Ilkley 


Following from our Rail Safety session in October, we visited Leeds Train Station and took a train to Ilkley. We made sure we were safe and identified things which could be dangerous especially if someone was to trespass. Once we arrived at Ilkley, we visited the local park and the Church for lunch. 


All the children had a fantastic time and behaved amazingly!



18.11.21 - RE Lesson 


We interviewed Abram and Sarai about the Covenant Abram made with God. The children asked questions to understand why Abram showed Trust and Faith towards God. 

18.11.21 - Collective Worship


The children lead collective worship on Love this week. They asked us all to think about who we love and how we can show Love this week. How can you show Love this week?


15.11.21 - Dance - PE

Today we completed our dances responding to music and we have been looking at how we can create sad and happy movements. Can you see when there is a mood change?


11.11.21 - Visit to Thwaite Watermill


Year 5 visited Thwaite Watermill as part of our World War 2 learning. We learned about how Rationing was used during the war and we weighed out how much we would got for a week! There was chance for us to experience a Blackout and we then visited the Anderson Shelter where we could stay safe from any German Bombers. Finally, we learned about how the Mill helped to produce putty to secure windows during the war. We even got to use the putty to protect some windows!


In the afternoon, we created our very own gas masks. Can you guess who is under the Gas Masks in the pictures?


Thank you to Thwaite Watermill for letting us visit and giving us a fantastic experience and lots of learning!


08.11.21 - Science 


Today with Mr Biedka, we were learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases. We were using the parachute and balls to represent the particles which make up the state of matter. We then discussed how they were different and what changed!



04.11.21 - Maths 


Today in Maths, we were learning about Square Numbers and using concrete resources to help us decide if a number was a square number or not! 




02.11.21 - Timestables Rockstar Day


We had a full day, dressed as a rockstar, doing lots of activities involving and learning our Times Tables. The children were doing active maths as part of the day. We also challenged Year 6 at Times Tables Rockstars! (obviously Year 5 were the winners!)




22.10.21 - Rail Safety Talk


We finished off the half term with a Rail Safety lesson. We learned how trespassing can be dangerous and how we can stay safe while near to a Train track. The children were able to dress up and learn about all the different people who help to keep us safe at the Train Station!


We look forward to our trip on a Train next half term!


15.10.21 - Tag Rugby (PE)


We have been enjoying Tag Rugby this half term. The children have been learning how to run with the ball, tag opponent players and pass in order to go forwards. 


Look at all our smiles!

05.10.21 - This Green Moon (Forest Week Day 2!)


Year 5 visited This Green Moon at Swillington Farm and created their own Rockets out of things they could find in the forest. We then landed on an unknown planet and had to quickly build a Den to keep out of the harsh conditions on the planet an away from the Alien's which attacked.  


The children really enjoyed their morning especially finishing with marshmallows on the camp fire! 


04.10.21 - Fanwood Scout Camp (Forest Week Day 1!)


Year 5 visited Fanwood Scout Camp as part of Forest week and took part in lots of exciting activities. They climbed on the low ropes and bouldered across the climbing wall as well as making their own fire to toast marshmallows on! 


We had a fantastic day to start off Forest week!


30.09.21 - Wonderdome Planetarium Visit 


Year 5 were visited by the Wonderdome Planetarium where they explored space and our galaxy. We even learned about where Aliens might live!


A huge thank you to the HOFF's for helping to subsidise the experience for the class!



29.09.21 - Visit to Mount St Mary's Catholic High School 


Year 5 visited Mount St Mary's Catholic High School where they experienced different lessons all morning. First, we did a Humanities lesson investigating an incident using different sources to solve the problem. Afterwards, we completed a Music lesson creating our song on the Ukulele! Finally, we had a Spanish lesson where we learnt some greetings!


Fenomenal! (Fantastic in Spanish!)

21.09.21 - Geography


We explored Satellite images which Tim Peake might have witnessed whilst on the International Space Station. We described the Human and Physical Geographical features. Year 5 labelled the features on their satellite image and compared how they are different in contrasting areas around the world. 





Mr Biedka was blown away by our explanations as to why the Earth is spherical. We couldn't believe that in the past thought that the world was flat and if you sailed to the edge you would fall to your death! We looked at a range of evidence and explained how we know the earth is a sphere. Mr Biedka showed us that if we dug all the way through the planet from Holy Family in a straight line we would end up in the sea just outside New Zealand. How awesome is that! We did try but didn't get far.

Sorry- Mr B is a bit loud!

16.09.21 - RE 


We explored the story of Creation in the book of Genesis. Year 5 retold the story of Creation and what God did on each day (outside and creating our own creation wheels).