Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

 Welcome to Year 4

We are looking forward to showing you all that we do this year and hope that you visit us regularly to keep up to date with all the fun we are having in our class.

Miss Wharton, Miss Gibbons, Mrs Merdani and Mr Biedka

16.09.21 - Music 

Just a short clip of our Ukulele lesson this week. Check out how we are getting on so far! 

16.09.21 - Maths 

This week we have been developing our knowledge of 3 digit numbers. We used base 10 today to represent 3 digit numbers and partition them into 1s, 10s and hundreds. We even challenged our partners. 

10.09.21 - Geography

We have been researching physical features which can be found in Europe today and found out lots of fun facts and where they are. It was fun to use the laptops and iPads to help research and created fact posters for our display.

09.09.21 - Geography

We have been learning about different climate zones in Geography today. It was interesting to see how the globe is split into different zones and to find out which countries are in them. 

08.09.21 - Writing

We Have been dreaming in Year 4 and writing some descriptive pieces of writing. Mr Biedka and I were really pleased with the amount of things the children had remembered.