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 Welcome to Year 4

We are looking forward to showing you all that we do this year and hope that you visit us regularly to keep up to date with all the fun we are having in our class.

Miss Wharton, Miss Gibbons, Mrs Merdani and Mr Biedka

04.05.22 - Skipping Competition

 We visited Mount St Mary’s High school this afternoon to take part in a skipping competition. 

we had an amazing time and some of us won some special certificates and medals. 

04.05.22 - PSHE D-Side Dave

We love when D-Side Dave comes to visit Holy Family because we learn so many amazing facts. Today, he taught us all about the effects of alcohol on our body. 

He even let us try on his funny glasses which helped us to understand how alcohol can impact our balance. 

29.03.22 - French 

Today we have been learning about zoo animals. We then wrote independent sentences to describe them...

10.03.22- Team Building Skills

Today, we worked together in teams to solve practical problems. We had to do lots of listening, discussing and co-operating as a group to work out a plan. 

All the teachers were really impressed at how we worked as a group.

04.03.22 - Visiting Armley Library 

We were so excited to visit our local library today. We were given our own library card and we were able to choose 5 books to take back to school to enjoy in our classroom. 

03.03.22 - World Book Day

We had a fantastic day and our costumes were amazing! Thank you Miss James for organising.

18.02.22 - Rainforest Day 

We had so much fun today celebrating the end of our topic all about the Rainforest!

We loved making our paper plate animals...

We loved making our mocktails even more. Cheers everyone!

09.02.22 - Internet Safety 

Today we were so lucky, Mrs Walsh arranged for the internet safety team to come and work with us. 

Louise came in to talk to us about staying safe online  and how we can use the internet in a positive way. 

08.02.22 - Phonics in French 

Today, we enjoyed learning phonics through singing, dancing and moving to French songs. 

While learning an authentic nursery rhyme, we used French dictionaries to find the meaning of words.

07.02.22 - Active RE 

In RE, we were thinking about how we go and announce the Gospel at the end of Mass. We began by thinking about the different Parables we have read and how we can put the messages into practise! We decided to make our lesson active and we had to work in pairs to search for the message around the classroom. 

03.02.22 - Maths (Fractions)

Today, we have been recognising and exploring tenths. We used different resources to represent different tenths as table.

16.12.21 - Christmas Board Game Day 

We spent some time today playing lots of our board games from home. Miss Wharton was really impressed with our team work skills. We had so much fun! 

14.12.21 - New Wortley Community Centre Treasure Hunt

This afternoon, we headed down to Jailey Field for the annual Christmas Treasure Hunt hosted by New Wortley Community Group. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows! We had so much fun! 

13.12.21 - PSHE (Keeping Safe and Managing Risks)

Today we learnt about how important it is to stay safe online. We were introduced to a character called Lucy who shared too much personal information online. We decided to give Lucy some advice on how to stay safe when sharing her information. 

25.11.21 - Skipping with Jodie and Katie 

We were practising our skipping skills today with Jodie and Katie. We will be taking part in a competition next summer with lots of other schools around Leeds and we want to win!

What do you think of our skipping?

24.11.21 - Year 4 and Year 2 Mass

Today we celebrated Mass with Year 2 in our Parish Church of Holy Family. Father Neil was very impressed with our readers as some of the words were quite tricky!

17.11.21 -Murton Park Trip (Vikings) 

We had an amazing visit to Murton Park today to learn more information about who the Vikings were and how they lived. 


 We had so much fun learning to how to make tea light holders and bread BUT the most fun came when we took on the role of a Viking Warrior! 

What do you think of our fighting skills? Do you think we're scary? 

11.11.21 - Remembrance Day 

We had some very mature discussions today about why Remembrance Day is so important. 

We created our own images to symbolise what the day means to us and the significance of the poppy. 

09.11.21 - Science 

In our Science topic we are learning all about electricity. In our lesson today, we were working in our pairs to create a circuit to make a bulb light up. We then drew the circuits into our books.

Mrs Merdani and Miss Gibbons were super impressed with our work!

04.11.21 - Viking Research 

To deepen our knowledge about the Vikings we used Primary and Secondary sources to find out more information.

We learnt: how the Vikings would fight; what the Vikings would eat and drink; what Viking settlements were like and we investigated different Viking artefacts. 

04.11.21 - Viking Chronology 

We have begun our new history topic ' Anglo Saxons and the Vikings'. 

Today, we used our knowledge of history topics we have learnt so far, to place the Viking Era on a timeline. We had to have lots of discussions in our groups. Miss Wharton was really impressed!

02.11.21 - ROCKSTAR DAY!

We had an amazing day doing lots of active learning around our times tables. We loved working with Year 3 and playing lots of games!

18.10.21 - EUROPEAN DAY! 

Today we celebrated the end of our Geography topic ‘Exploring Europe’ 

We used Lego to build famous landmarks found in Europe. Can you guess what they are? 

We tasted some traditional food from Europe. Some were nicer than others! 

Then, we put our dance moves to the test! What do you think of our moves? 

11.10.21 - Moses and the Burning Bush 

We have been learning about stories from the Old Testament. Today we learnt about the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. We looked at different artists and their interpretations of the story. We then created our own piece of artwork using chalk pastels.

Do you like our interpretations?

07.10.21- Story by the Campfire 

We enjoyed reading our class text by the campfire today. We even had hot chocolate and marshmallows - thank you Miss Gibbons! 

05.10.21 - This Green Moon 

We had an amazing time today at 'This Green Moon' with Paul and Ash! We had so much fun using our detective skills to find clues hidden around the forest. 

Again, thank you Mrs Duffy for organising a fantastic trip!

04.10.21 -  Fanwood Scout Camp

Today we had a fantastic time at Fanwood Scout Camp. We did lots of activities including: Bouldering and Low Ropes. We had so much fun!

Thank you Mrs Duffy for organising such an exciting day!

30.09.21 - English 

We have been using our senses to describe a 'Candy World' using our Class Reader 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as inspiration! Today we tried lots of different sweets and described how they felt and what they tasted like. 

Some sweets were nicer than others. Miss Wharton even tried liquorice!

24.09.21 - Maths

Miss Wharton taught a new game this week in maths to build our times table knowledge and rapid recall. Finger Fit fun!

21.09.21 - Maths

We were learning about how to place numbers on a number line. We worked really hard and did a bit of 'ping pong' with Miss Wharton. Some parts were tricky but we got through it and persevered. We love Maths!

16.09.21 - Music 

Just a short clip of our Ukulele lesson this week. Check out how we are getting on so far! 

16.09.21 - Maths 

This week we have been developing our knowledge of 3 digit numbers. We used base 10 today to represent 3 digit numbers and partition them into 1s, 10s and hundreds. We even challenged our partners. 

10.09.21 - Geography

We have been researching physical features which can be found in Europe today and found out lots of fun facts and where they are. It was fun to use the laptops and iPads to help research and created fact posters for our display.

09.09.21 - Geography

We have been learning about different climate zones in Geography today. It was interesting to see how the globe is split into different zones and to find out which countries are in them. 

08.09.21 - Writing

We Have been dreaming in Year 4 and writing some descriptive pieces of writing. Mr Biedka and I were really pleased with the amount of things the children had remembered.