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Year 1 Home Learning 2021 Half Term 4

Friday 5th March 2021   *** Zooms today are cancelled*  Please feel free to email Mrs Walsh if you want to share your work or have any questions.  I am delivering some training to student teachers but can still check my inbox!

We have made it!  The last day of Online Learning!

Phonics and English- 9am Zoom

In Phonics today we will recap the /e_e/ digraph and try and use this sound in our spelling.  Can you try the phoneme spotter activity below?  Put a circle around any of the /ee/ea/ey/e_e/ you see!

Our final English activity, is to write a letter to me and tell me a few different things.  

Can you tell me...

What you are looking forward to when we come back to school?

How you are feeling about coming back to school?

If there is anything you will miss at home (maybe being with Mummy or Daddy all day)?


Maths- 11am Zoom

Can you try this activity below?  Check out the video if you need help to remember how to do it?


Dough Disco- 1pm

Bring your dough and get ready to dance!

Thursday 4th March 2021

Happy World Book Day! Please remember to use Miss Clayton's Zoom details this morning.

Remember you can wear pyjamas today! If you have turned a potato into a book character you might want to have it with you to show everyone. If not, maybe you could bring your favourite book to show us? You can e-mail any work or questions to aclayton@holyfamilyleeds.co.uk 

9am Zoom - Guided Reading

We are going to read a story called 'The Cat's Pyjamas'. 

Can you design some pyjamas that would help you dream about your favourite things? You might want to write some sentences too. 

11am - NO ZOOM

We have a busy afternoon of Zooms ahead (see below) so enjoy this choosing time. As it is World Book Day, why not read your favourite book? If you would like to do some writing or drawing, maybe you could tell me about your favourite book or character. You could act out your favourite story with your family at home or even make up your own story. 

Afternoon Zooms (whole school): 

  • 1.30pm - World Book Day Assembly  
  • 2.30pm - Stations Of The Cross

Details will be sent out directly to all parents/carers. It would be great if you could join us!

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Phonics and English- 9am Zoom

Wow, the instructions you wrote yesterday were fantastic!  Thank you for all of the emails and pictures.  Today we are playing 'Fun House'.  Can you go on a hunt in your kitchen to find some instructions?  Maybe you will find a recipe book?  

Our task is to write the 'What You Will Need' part.  We do this by looking for all of the nouns we did in our writing yesterday.

Maths- 11am Zoom

Today we are moving on to counting in 5s. Your challenge is to put things in your house in groups of 5.  You could do this with your toys or some dried pasta.  

There is also a challenge here you may wish to try?

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Phonics and English- 9am Zoom

Thank you for all of your sandwich pictures.  Today we will look at the 5 steps we took when making our sandwich and write some instructions.  It is really important that you use verbs and time conjunctions when writing them.

Maths- 11am Zoom 

Today we will keep counting in 2s like yesterday.  Can you try this activity sheet after our Zoom lesson.

Monday 1st March 2021

English- 9am Zoom

Make sure you have all the things you need to make a jam sandwich this morning.  Don't forget that Miss Lee will also join us from 9:30-10am.

Maths- 11am Zoom

Today we are going to look at counting in 2s.  After the Zoom lesson, can you find some objects and group them in 2s to help you count?

Friday 26th January 2021

Phonics and English- 9am Zoom

Well done for trying so hard this week with the/i_e/igh/ie/ family of sounds.  Can you try this activity?  It is called a Phoneme Spotter.  Draw a circle around any words that have an /i_e/igh/ie sound in.  (There are even more ways of spelling this sound, can you spot them?)

In English we will keep going with our work on Time Conjunctions.  Can you use a Time Conjunction for each picture?



after that,



Maths- 11am Zoom

Dough Disco- 1pm

Bring your dough pots for some dancing!  We will also share a story.

Thursday 25th February 2021

Please remember to use Miss Clayton's Zoom details this morning. If you have any questions or would like to share any work, please e-mail aclayton@holyfamilyleeds.co.uk 

9am Zoom - Guided Reading

This week we will be listening to 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. Can you answer these questions about the story?

You might want to use the YouTube clip (below) to listen to the story again or check your answers. 

11am Zoom - R.E. 

We are going to listen to the Bible story 'Daniel in the Lions' Den' and talk about it.

Can you draw a picture about the story? You might want to draw Daniel praying to God or you could draw Daniel with the lions. 

As an extra challenge, you could write down what you think the story teaches us. 

If you would like to listen to the story again, click on the YouTube link below:

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Phonics and English 9am Zoom

We will be looking at the /i_e/igh/ie/family sounds again today.  Why not try watching this Alphablocks episode to help you remember all of the different ways we can spell the sound!


In English we are moving on from Verbs to look at Time Conjunctions.  Can you think about 5 things you do on a morning before school?  Can you use these words to match the activities?



after that,



Maths- 11am Zoom 

I thought you did really well at playing Birthday Tens and Ones with me yesterday! Today I want you to keep thinking about tens and ones and see if you can match these cards below?  If you would like them printed then just pop into school, we also have extra whiteboard pens if you would like another.

I had planned on adding an afternoon activity about DT but as the children are coming back to school so soon, I would like to leave it until then so they can create and build with their friends!

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Phonics and English 9am Zoom

This morning we will continue looking at the /i_e/ split digraph.  In English we will continue looking at Verbs by looking at pictures of people moving and thinking of a Verb to match.  Can you look at the sentences below and draw a circle around the verb.  Remember a Verb is an action word.

Maths- 11am Zoom

Time to look at how old the Teachers in school are but I want you to show me with tens and ones!  Then can you try the activity below?

History- Independent

Today I want you to order some events.  Can you think about the words past and present.  Maybe a grown up can help you here?  It does not matter if they are in the wrong order, it is more important that you start to understand that past is about things that have already happened.

Monday 22nd February 2021

Phonics and English- 9am Zoom.

Today we will be looking at a new digraph /i_e/.  In English we will be learning about Verbs and what they mean.  Today I would like you to write down any verbs you can find in your Reading Book.  

Don't forget we have music with Miss Lee today so we will be on Zoom until 10am!

Maths- 11am Zoom

Today we will continue exploring numbers up to 50.  Have you done any counting during the holiday?  Can you fill in the missing numbers on these tracks?


Today I would like you join Mr Strong for our Ash Wednesday Liturgy on Zoom.  (You should receive a message from him with the details). Think about your Lenten Promise- are you still keeping to it?  Would you like to change it?