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Welcome to Year 4


In Year Four  we are extremely lucky because we have Miss Wharton, Miss Gibbons, Mrs Archdale and Mrs Merdani.

We are very excited about having lots of fun this year whilst working very hard of course. 

Keep visiting our page to find out about the wonderful things we are doing. 

Week 2 - 19.04.21-23.04.21


Today we had a fantastic day learning all about the Amazon Rainforest!

We created our own paper plate animals that would be found in the Rainforest: a toucan, a red-eye tree frog and a sloth. 

In the afternoon, we transported ourselves to the Rainforest Cafe.

We talked about the fruits we would find in the Amazon Rainforest and then we created our own mocktails!


Today in English, Mr Waddingham found an aeroplane that had crashed into the grounds of Holy Family!

We had to imagine that we were in the rainforest and describe all of the things we would be able to see, hear, smell and touch. 

Collective Worship 

Today we celebrated Collective Worship led by Sophie, Lena, Amelia and Tianna. 

They focussed their Worship on Kindness and Friendship. It was beautiful and very reflective. 

Week 1 - 12.04.21-16.04.21

Physical Education

Today we stayed extremely active by playing Bench Ball.

Miss Wharton was very impressed with our skills!


Today we started our brand new topic - The Digestive System!

We began our lesson by reminding ourselves of the different food groups and why they are important. We discussed how important it is that we keep a balanced diet in order for our bodies to gain the nutrients it needs to survive. 

After, we discussed that once it has been eaten, food goes through the body in the digestive system. During this journey, the food is digested or broken down so that it can be used to provide energy and nutrients for our bodies. Miss Wharton challenged us to investigate where the main organs in the digestive system are in our bodies. 

Spring 2 - 8.03.21- 01.04.21

We are back!!!


This week, Mrs Truscott asked us to create a piece of music for our chosen animals. We had to think about whether our music would be high or low pitched and whether it would be slow or fast.

Check out our videos below!

Religious Education 

During Lent we have been learning about the significance of Holy Week and the events leading up to Jesus' death on the cross. In our lesson today, we learnt all about Palm Sunday. We recreated the event and then created freeze frames including what each character would have been thinking at the time. 


We have been learning all about Antarctica and where it is in the world. We created posters filled with lots of facts about the continent and the different animals you would find there. 


Since we have been back in school, we have started a brand new topic in Maths - Fractions!

We began the week by recognising fractions as different representations. 

Once we became confident recognising fractions as different representations, we continued our learning journey and focused on tenths and hundredths. We began by using base 10 to represent fractions. 

Week 2: 9th-13th November 

12th November - Science Investigation 

Today we were investigating air! We took part in 4 mini-experiments to see what we could find out about air. We discovered that: air is a gas; air has weight; air takes up space and can be moved from one place to another; bubbles contain gas and that air has a force to it. 

10th November - Remembrance Day Art Work 

Today we discussed the importance of Remembrance day. We spoke about why we celebrate it on the 11th November and why the poppy is a significant symbol. We then looked at different pieces of art work and spoke about what we liked about them. We use those images to then create our own picture to remind us why November is a special month. 

9th November - English/Guided Reading 

Today we sequenced the main events in our Class text 'There's a Viking in my bed'. We are going to be writing Diaries in English so come back soon and take a peek!

Week 1: 2nd - 6th November 

6th November - European Inspiration Day

Today we celebrated the end of our Geography Topic 'Exploring Europe' with lots of fun activities. Some of us even dressed up as our favourite countries!

We put our dance moves to the test and practised some traditional Flamenco dancing. Check out our serious faces!

We were challenged to complete a Europe Jigsaw in the quickest amount of time.

Jimmy and Nma were our winners!!

We tried some traditional European foods. As you can tell by our faces, some things tasted nicer than others!

Week 6: 12th-16th October 

16th October - This Green Moon

We absolutely loved our visit to 'This Green Moon' today. Our task was to use our map skills in order to find different objects around the forest. It was very challenging but we worked together in order to complete our task. Ash and Paul were amazing and we can't wait to come back and visit them again next year. Thank you Mrs Duffy for organising a brilliant trip!

14th October 2020 - Sports Morning 

Today was our Sports Morning where we took part in lots of different activities. We knew that we had to work hard as a TEAM to gain as many points as we could. 

It was a fantastic day! Thank you Miss Clayton for organising it!

1st place - St Aidan

2nd place - St Bede 

3rd place - St Cuthbert

4th place - St Hilda

12th October 2020 - Virtue of the Week

In Collective Worship, we were focusing on the Virtue 'Thankfulness' and we listened to a story from the Bible called 'The Ten Lepers' . We heard about the time that Jesus healed 10 people but only the one person said thank you. Sometimes we forget to say thank you even though it is so easy to say. To reflect on the message, we wrote prayers in our prayer journals to thank God for some of the wonderful things he has created in our world. 

Week 5: 5th - 9th October

8th October 2020 - Aspirations for the future

In Year 4, we have been thinking about what we want to achieve in the future. We began by thinking about different jobs we could have and the qualities needed in the world of work.

We then thought about the job we would like to have when we get older and the qualities you would need to be able to do that job!

Finally, we thought about what we want to achieve by the end of Year 4 and we started to create our 'Aspirations Tree' in class. 

8th October 2020 - Road Safety

Today Amber from Leeds City Council Road Safety team came to visit Year 4. We began our learning in the classroom where Amber taught us the rules of 'The Green Cross Code'. 

Once we knew the rules, it was time to take our learning outside!

Week 4: 28th September - 2nd October 

2nd October 2020 - Writers of the Month

Our writers of the month are Chiamaka and Blazej. They wrote a fantastic character description of Mr Wonka. Who will be our writers next month? 

2nd October 2020 - Music

 This week in music we learnt some of the chords on the Ukulele. We had to really concentrate so that we could change chord as we played a tune. Can you work out the tune we are playing? 

30th September 2020 - Times Tables

We had a go at Miss Wharton's Times Table Discorama today and we loved it!

Week 3: 21st - 25th September 

25th September 2020

Today we practised our Yoga poses in the hall. We felt very calm once we had finished.

Week 2: 14th - 18th September

15th September 2020

We decided to take our Guided Reading outside today because the weather was so lovely and sunny! We enjoyed reading the next chapter of our class text 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. 

15th September 2020

Today in Science, we were sorting materials into solids or liquids thinking about their properties. Some of the materials were a little bit smelly!

17th September 2020

Our topic in Geography this half term is 'Exploring Europe'. Today we used a variety of sources including Atlases, Maps, Globes and I pads, to research countries in Europe. In pairs, we were challenge to find out as many facts as we could to create a poster!

18th September 2020

Today in Music, we showed off our amazing dance moves and how much rhythm we have! We then started to learn the chords on the Ukulele. Miss Wharton was very impressed with how much we remembered!

18th September 2020

We were super lucky this afternoon because Jodie and Chris came in to help us with our skipping skills. We had a great time showing off what we could remember and then learning new skills. They helped us so much and we can't wait to take part in the Skipping Competition next year!

Week 1: 7th- 11th September

7th September 2020

Today we made Face Masks and then described what attributes make us who we are.

Have a look at some of the masks we created. 

10th September 2020

Today in Maths, we used Base 10 to represent numbers up to 1000. We learnt that hundreds are bigger than tens and tens are bigger than ones. We even began to use the word exchange when representing our numbers.

11th September 2020

In PE, we showed Miss Wharton what skills we could remember with our skipping ropes. We worked in pairs and groups to perform our favourite skips. We even had some children mastering the pretzel skip!