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Online Safety

Here at Holy Family we have a set of e-Safety Golden Rules to keep us safe when using the internet.  We have all signed to show we agree to the rules and they are displayed in every classroom. They may be useful for you to use at home too!

 Golden Rules

We must follow these e-Safety Golden Rules to make sure we are safe and comfortable using the internet.

Only go on the internet when a grown up is in the room.

Only use websites that adults say are safe.

Don’t tell anyone your password.

Never share your full name, where you go to school or where you live.

Never share photos or use a webcam with people you don’t know in the real world.

Always tell a grown up you trust if someone has upset you and remember to treat people how you would like to be treated



 Parental Support

Useful websites for e-Safety advice...





If you are worried about how to keep your child safe when using the internet or have any questions about e-Safety then please come and see a member of staff in school!
Nationalonlinesafety.com is a fantastic website full of really useful tips to help you keep your child safe online at home.  Here are some really useful guides you may find of interest.