Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

  1. Catholic Life and Mission
  2. Class Virtues

Class Virtues

Our Mission Statement is "To work, to pray, to play in the light of the Lord."  This is a familiar statement to the children and becomes part of everyday life by living out our vision statement by following our school virtues:

We WORK by always PERSEVERING when things can become difficult and share our LOVE/CHARITY as modern-day disciples of God.

We PRAY by deepening our FAITH and show THANKFULNESS for all we have and understand the importance of FORGIVENESS in our lives.

We PLAY by showing KINDNESS and RESPECT to all who we encounter.

At Holy Family, each class has its own associated virtue, with each one chosen to have relevance for the children at each particular age group. For example, Reception class have Kindness as their virtue, as this is very prevalent for our youngest children when they are meeting other children for the first time. Year 6's class virtue is Perseverance, as we encourage our children to never give up when things become difficult as we will feel God’s loving presence in every aspect of our lives.




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Virtues Day

Before each class was introduced to their new class virtue, we had an assembly to discuss the importance of the virtues and how they are Gifts from God. 

Children from across school worked hard to select the best virtues for our classes. Through deep discussion and by showing understanding, they were able to make an informed choice.

In the afternoon, we came together to share all of the things we had learnt about our virtue.