Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Holy Family Catholic Primary School

To work, to pray, to play in the Light of the Lord

  1. Catholic Life and Mission
  2. Mission Statement

The Vision and Mission of the school  

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Our Vision Statement

With Christ at the heart of our community, our mission is to deliver an outstanding and distinctive Catholic education for all children in our care.

We RESPECT our diverse community and celebrate our FAITH whilst learning about other religions, traditions and cultures.

We acknowledge the unique value of each person and are THANKFUL for the contribution they make to our school and parish with their: LOVE for each other; KINDNESS to one another; mutual RESPECT and willingness to FORGIVE.

We provide an environment where children have the confidence to PERSEVERE in their FAITH and education to serve the local, national and global community of the 21st Century.


Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is "To work, to pray, to play in the light of the Lord."  This is a familiar statement to the children and becomes part of everyday life by living out our vision statement by following our school virtues:

We WORK by always PERSEVERING when things can become difficult and share our LOVE/CHARITY as modern-day disciples of God.

We PRAY by deepening our FAITH and show THANKFULNESS for all we have and understand the importance of FORGIVENESS in our lives.

We PLAY by showing KINDNESS and RESPECT to all who we encounter.